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Introducing the World’s First-Ever Free Training Portal for DDoS Protection

Posted By socialwebcafe on Other - There is a new bootcamp available to teach those interested in learning more about DDoS and security issues. More importantly, the mitigation process. You may not become the world's greatest subject matter expert, but you will certainly move up a few steps on that ladder of knowledge and may even learn enough to apply it and save your company one day.

Copy My Three Top Ways I Make Money Blogging!

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - I make money online and in this post, I want to share with you my three top ways I make money blogging. Blogging is just a way to create a marketplace. Once you’ve built a community of active readers, it will be quite easy to monetize and see results.

How to Improve Facebook Engagement in 2016

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Social Media - Facebook is an excellent tool for publishers and bloggers, but it’s also a hotbed of rumor, hearsay and controversy over what you allegedly can or cannot do. There are solutions if you keep the mindset of engaging your community rather than only looking at it as a tool for monetization or traffic generation.

For those answers, you go to the source. In April, Adam Mosseri, VP of Product Management for News Feed for Facebook, presented a video on how Facebook News Feed works and provided tips for publishers. I’ll share with you his advice, along with my own experience.

PayPal Donations with WordPress - How to Allow Them

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Looking for a new way to monetize a WordPress blog?

Then why not accept PayPal donations with WordPress, so that your audience can show their appreciation for your efforts.

It’s super-easy to setup, plus everyone has PayPal.

8 Methods To Speed Up Writing and Produce Quality Blog Posts

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Writing a blog post isn’t easy, but writing a blog post that converts is even more difficult.

You have audience data to dig through, experts to find and quote, data from case studies and reports to find and include to support your topic. It’s really not the quick, few steps process you follow to write a personal opinion post.

In this post, you will find 8 methods to structure your post and speed up your writing that I personally use when I work on my blog posts. Whether you use all of them or just some, according to your personal writing process, you will write more quickly and efficiently, without stress.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Good For SMBs

Posted By RonCallari on Social Media - Microsoft acquired LinkedIn this month, when it could have been an excellent fit for another social network. For Facebook, it would have provided them with legitimacy and greater credibility with small-to-midsize businesses [SMBs]. With LinkedIn, Zuckerberg et al could have solved a missing piece of their social media puzzle - namely to add a business component to their platform.

Building Trust Through Active Listening

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - When dealing in foreign markets and international business, in particular, sometimes our options are so limited that we must accept high risk that our trust will be betrayed. With this in mind, managers must calculate the difference between low trust and high trust and how trust can be improved.

44 Impressive Ways You Can Use Social Media to Grow Your Business Overnight | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By socialwebcafe on Social Media - 44 innovative tips on adding some pizazz to your social media activities. Some of them you may know. Some of them you may not. But, either way, isn't it time to give your social media a gentle kick and grow your business?

Smart Cross Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Social Media - What is cross-promotion? Cross-promotion is simply taking one goal and adapting it slightly for different social media networks. So, if you want to tell readers about an amazing article you just posted on your blog, you will target your posts to the readers who would be most interested in that article and then you’ll adapt your wording slightly to make the best use of your promotional time.

We all only have so many hours in the day. Cross-promotion helps you make the absolute best use of the social media marketing time you have at your disposal.

5 important tips for blogging success

Posted By cendrinemedia on Blogging - When I opened my first blog in January 2005, my goal was just to share my poetry with the world.

In more than a decade, my main focus has obviously changed. But I have learnt many things along the way.

Today, I would like to share five very important tips with you.

How 6 New Changes Coming to Adwords Will Affect AdSense Publishers | AdNgin

Posted By eyalkatz on Blogging - The announcements out of the Google Performance Summit last week were aimed at keeping advertisers happy. What does this mean for AdSense publishers?

7 Blogger Resources To Build Your Business

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - In the fast-changing world of influencer marketing, it’s imperative for bloggers to stay current with today’s trends. One of the best ways to keep informed is to follow and engage with the top influencers and bloggers, both in your niche and those who are generally savvy about the current market for influencers.

Today I’ll share with you the top resources I use to stay abreast of trends, growth and successful implementation from bloggers.

45 Experts Share their Biggest Linkedin Marketing Strategy - Online Marketing Blog

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Social Media - When you think of LinkedIn, you may not think about gathering marketing leads. You’re more likely to think about looking for a new job or updating your own resume.

We rounded up 45 experts in the world of social media marketing to ask them about their experiences with LinkedIn. What we discovered was a treasure trove of ideas, suggestions and even a failure story or two that we can all learn from.

9 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Social Media - Do you want to get more email leads from your social media platforms?

Instead of focusing on how tedious maintaining those social media accounts can be, look for ways to make those accounts work for you.

Have them generate solid - profitable - leads.