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10 Online Marketers to Follow for Inspiration and Growth

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Internet Marketing - These marketing experts can be relied upon for dishing out great advice to business leaders. It's always great to learn from others and apply their wisdom to our own brand or company.

How to Turn Your Website Into a B2B Lead Generation Machine

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Internet Marketing - Typically only 2% of website visitors leave their contact details and you’ll be left wondering, like the showroom owner: do I have what they’re looking for and will they come back? Nowadays your whole website should be geared up for generating leads and “brochure” websites are a thing of the past. You should have different landing pages and educational blog content that through different social media and email marketing channels will serve your lead generation purposes too.

How Tech Automation is Changing The Face of Business & Finance

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Other - From movies to television to literature, almost every imagining of the future has inevitably involved robots and artificial intelligence. For those who have seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, Futurama, or I, Robot, artificial intelligence could be a main staple in many industries.

It’s no surprise that automation is here to stay. Machine learning is already empowering computers and machines with more capabilities that both improve safety and efficiency.

Read in the post how automation technology can help your business.

Rankwatch Review: A Simple and Affordable SEO Tool? — Christopher Jan Benitez

Posted By christopherjanb on SEO - This Rankwatch review will explain how this SEO tool is helpful for bloggers with limited knowledge in SEO and whether you should use the tool or not.

12 Step-by-Step Points to Write Your First Online Course – Part I

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging

Back in 1996, I started offering online writing courses through chat rooms to a handful of students. At that time, there weren’t as many online course options out there and what I and others were doing was still groundbreaking. Today, you can find courses on multiple platforms, sell them on your own website, or offer them through a setting such as Udemy.

The thing I love about online courses today is that you have a ton of options in how you get the material out to your students. The thing I hate about online courses today is that there are so many different types of options that it can be really confusing. Fortunately, I’m here to help you navigate through your options and also to help you stand out from the crowd.


Get your Infograph kick with This Free Infographic Elements Kit

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Over the years, infographics have really exploded in terms of popularity.

People are loving these for all good reasons. Everyone prefers data visualization. They are always fun to read. Instead of looking at dull charts and line graphs, infographics allow you to see data and numbers in a creative way.

Being able to visualize the difference between numbers makes it easier for us to comprehend and digest large amounts of information.

In fact, I won’t be wrong in stating that these visuals have gone quite viral.

12 Ways You Haven’t Tried to Find Leads Online | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Internet Marketing - It’s one thing to round up interested parties. It’s a different thing to make those leads stick around and take action. Keep being creative as you collect your leads and then exercise that same creativity on how you make them sit up and take notice. And hopefully take action as well.

How Moms Can Earn Money Selling Products on Their Blogs

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging

Parenting blogs can be big business but only if you have a reliable source of income.

The best source of monetization for any blog owner is to have a product to sell.

While other forms are fine, let’s understand why they are less reliable.

Good post to read for other niche bloggers too.

Can You Turn Your Hobby Into A Business? | David Leonhardt

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - Wouldn't it be nice if one of your hobbies - an activity you purely enjoy - could make you money instead of costing you money? If you've been asking that question, you are not alone. In fact, many people are making money from their hobbies.

How to get more targeted leads by integrating Leadfeeder into Google Analytics

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Other - Google Analytics is an important tool for marketers.

It’s used to understand how people come to your website, how different content performs and how to get more conversions.

All this is essential for knowing how to drive more high-quality traffic to your website.

Revamp an Old Website in 13 Steps | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - It might even be more relevant now than it was back then.

But an old website isn’t perfect.

If you’re going to put that old material to good use, you’ll need to do a bit of revamping.

Here’s how.

$500 Cash Prize Contest From Temok

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - Welcome, friends - to another exciting contest here on Guest Crew. This contest is brought to you by Temok - an international web hosting, advertising and development company with more than 8,000 clients world-wide.

This contest is worth $500 in total prize money - in additon to some fabulous web hosting packages from Temok as well.

Leading eCommerce Experts Share Their Strategies [Free Growth Course]

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Internet Marketing - In this free 6-lesson email course, top eCommerce experts share their experience growing eCommerce brands and offer actionable tips to help you make the best business decisions.

How Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker Can Help You Improve Your Website

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - You could be losing thousands of potential sales and conversions.


The answer is simple. Your website is too slow.

On the internet, every second counts. Every millisecond counts! If your site takes too long to load, people will leave and find somewhere else.

Check how Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker may help you.

Things to Do Before Making Your Website Live

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - The timing is easily different for different businesses, but one thing is certain – you never want to let your site go live before you’ve checked some critical items off the list.

Make a list before digging in.