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How to Make Money Flipping Domain Names | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Internet Marketing - There are a few key elements of a website.

Graphics. Content. Links.

But what about the most important element of all?

Your domain name?

Often, domain names are a foregone conclusion when we start to talk about the value of a particular website and how to make it work for us. But, in truth, if you don’t have a strong domain name, you don’t have much of a website.

But there’s even better news.

If you have a great domain name, you don’t have to have a great website.

In fact, you may not need a website at all.

Domain flipping is the art of buying great domain names and then selling them to those who really want them and who plan to build a company website.

The concept is rather simple. You start by finding a domain name to buy that seems like it will be worth more than you are about to pay. Then, you sit on the site for a bit, perhaps even doing some work on the domain to increase its profitability, before selling it to someone who will pay you more for the site than you paid yourself.

How To Use Templates To Upgrade Your Small Business

Posted By inspiriting on Startups - It’s overlooked and underrated: using templates for recurring tasks can be THE decision that turns a business from an unsustainable into a sustainable one. Learn why you should thinking about templates to cover repetitive tasks, and see whether these 6 tools can help you with that.

7 Key Insights from LinkedIn’s Study ‘The State of Sales in 2016’

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Social Media - LinkedIn’s new study, "The State of Sales in 2016", is so eye-opening. It details the extent to which today's marketing and sales pros have adopted the "new sales stack," as LinkedIn calls sales intelligence, CRMs, social selling productivity apps and email tracking solutions.

How Marketers Can Meet the Demands of Social Selling

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Social Media - How Can Your Business Take the Holistic Approach to Social Selling for a Better R.O.I.? Great Article with Some Awesome Insights and Featuring Cool Tools Written by Barry Feldman.

How to Build Your Blog, Dungeon Master Style

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado, and a blogger, too, have you ever noticed that both activities use a lot of the same skills? It may not seem like it as first glance, but there’s actually a lot of overlap in the two hobbies (besides their geekiness!). If you have the skills to build an epic D&D campaign, you definitely have what it takes to build a successful blog.

Still in doubt? Here’s why.

9 Surprisingly Affordable Enterprise-Grade Marketing Tech Tools for Small to Medium Businesses

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Internet Marketing - Today, there are plenty of marketing tools with downright amazing capabilities that are perfect for SMBs.

The nine tools discussed in this post will give you enterprise-grade technology at affordable prices.

The road to building trust with your sales leads

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Content Marketing - One of the biggest problems for companies is when they over-promise and under-deliver. The best way to build trust is to be transparent and always have your audience's best interest in mind. Businesses that only focus on a quick sale to the detriment of the customer won't be around in the long run.

7 Quick Ways to Promote Yourself (and Your Blog)

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging

Companies take out advertisements, restaurants distribute menus and coupons. Bloggers could (in theory) use these promotional avenues… but I don’t think the ROI would be great. That said, it’s important that we bloggers use what we do have available to us (with decent returns) – the power of self-promotion…

After all, if you don’t promote yourself, who will?

As bloggers, our businesses exist on the web – so it only makes sense that we should promote ourselves on the web, too. Here are a few great venues for self-promotion.

How and Why to Add an Elite Newsletter to Your Blog

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Internet Marketing - You’ve been running your blog for a while and you’ve had the chance to talk to your readers, and especially your most supportive fans.

Reasons why you created a blog might be a thousand and more, but what is certain is that these readers are not like regular readers, and not even like regular subscribers - they’re more like your team, or your family.

That’s when creating an elite or premium newsletter is a good idea.