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Leading eCommerce Experts Share Their Strategies [Free Growth Course]

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Internet Marketing - In this free 6-lesson email course, top eCommerce experts share their experience growing eCommerce brands and offer actionable tips to help you make the best business decisions.

How Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker Can Help You Improve Your Website

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - You could be losing thousands of potential sales and conversions.


The answer is simple. Your website is too slow.

On the internet, every second counts. Every millisecond counts! If your site takes too long to load, people will leave and find somewhere else.

Check how Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker may help you.

Things to Do Before Making Your Website Live | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Other - The timing is easily different for different businesses, but one thing is certain – you never want to let your site go live before you’ve checked some critical items off the list.

Make a list before digging in.

How to Plan the Most Successful Business Blog

Posted By Amabaie on Blogging - Just “having” a blog won't make a difference, either; it’s what you do with the blog that counts. To have a successful blog, you need to plan a successful blog. Here are four planning questions you need to ask:

12 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name | Temok Hosting Blog

Posted By sauravkrnayak on Blogging - The right domain name is one of the most essential ingredients of your website. It is imperative that you choose the best one possible. Of course, it’s also important to know how to do exactly that.

How to Grow Your Blog While You’re On Vacation

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - As a solo blogger or a small business owner, you want to ensure your blog will keep attracting traffic and possibly growing while you are away and relaxing in vacation.

How to do that?

This guide offers advice based on 3 types of business decisions:

- Open hiatus
- Scheduled content
- Hiring an editor and a blogger

Check the post to find out more.

How To Ask For Blog Sponsorship When You’re Afraid

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - One of the scariest things for new bloggers to do is ask for pay for their work.

While sponsorships can be a vital source of income for a successful blogger, too many of us are terrified to ask for enough payment for what we are actually worth.

Here are 4 steps to pitching a brand or client that have worked for me, especially when I was afraid to ask.

How to promote your blog in 111 easy steps | David Leonhardt’s SEO and Social Media Marketing

Posted By Amabaie on Blogging - Tell me how many of these 111 tips you are already doing. Then come back in one month and tell me how many you are doing by then. Let's see who gives their blog promotion the biggest kick!

How to Self Publish Your Book #1: Traditional vs. Self Publishing for Bloggers

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Until very recently, you had one choice if you want to get your book in the hands of readers: traditional publishing.

But today, traditional publishers are no longer the sole gatekeepers. You have a lot of options when it comes to publishing your book.

Wondering whether it’s worth it to pursue a deal with a traditional publisher, or whether you should take matters into your own hands and strike out on your own publishing journey?

In the first post in our self-publishing series, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of each side so you can make an informed decision.

How to Self Publish Your Book #2: Setting Your Timeline and Budget

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - As a blogger, you know there are plenty of good reasons to self-publish a book that go beyond earning royalties. You also know all the benefits of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.

Think you’re ready to write, upload, and start selling?

Hold on just a minute! It pays to plan these things out a bit first.

Though self-publishing can be much easier and faster than traditional publishing, that doesn’t mean that jumping right in is the best way to go about it.

If you’re careful with your budget and planning, your book can look just as professional and be just as successful (if not more) than if you went the traditional route.

In this post in our self-publishing series, we’ll cover how long it takes to self-publish a book, and how much it costs. With this info in hand, you can plan for success.