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37 Experts Reveal Their Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Blogging - There’s long and short answers but each has a golden nugget of truth within which could save you time, money and maybe a few blushes!

We’ve pulled out all the stops to involve a real mix of bloggers, not just from the marketing scene but other sectors too such as travel.

The top 101 Top Twitter Tools of 2016

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Social Media - If you know one thing about me is that I love Twitter, and I love social media tools – and Twitter, thankfully, has a lot of them! Over the years, I’ve tried out as many Twitter tools and apps as I could get my hands on. Some were great, some not so great, a few made it in the long run and others died out pretty quickly.

The market is definitely saturated, with more tools popping up each day, seemingly, so it can be very difficult to find the good, reliable tools that you need. Which is why I’ve put together this list of top 101 Twitter tools of 2016. There’s something for everyone in here, from the complete dashboard to niche tools such as for analytics, or for building better relationships on Twitter.

11 Free Wordpress Plugins to Increase Opt-Ins, Shares and Conversions

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - As a blogger, the following should be among your goals:

- Increasing popularity (social shares and backlinks)
- Increasing opt-ins to your newsletter or mailing list
- Boosting conversions

In this post, there are 11 plugins that can help you do all the three above – without having to learn a line of code.

Zillah - The Most Exciting Free Blogging Theme Is Here

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Zillah is the new theme from ThemeIsle.

It’s their best free theme to date. And it will stay free for life. No paid add-ons, no upsells. Just quality features, updates … everything that you’d normally expect from a paid theme, delivered for free.

The Many Unheralded Perils of Automating Your Customer Service

Posted By AmplifyBlog on Internet Marketing - If the first rule of building relationships is "Don't be rude" or "Don't piss people off", automation can be a great way

to break that rule.

When a message alienates your customer, it's not doing relationships right. And if the customer gets stuck in automation

-- eight minutes before I gave up, for example -- there might never even be a chance for a relationship.

6 Indicators that Your Blog Post Idea Might Go Viral

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - You always start with an idea.

The idea may come to you from any source, book, blog, magazine, or life event. And potentially, any idea suiting your niche is good, because it can be something your readers have an interest in.

This guide is here to help you find out whether your blog idea has the potential to go viral and attract more readers and shares, plus a few tips for when you are about to hit the ‘Publish’ button.

15 Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic and Create Meaningful Relationships

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - If you can’t afford many things to help your blogging, don’t worry -many bloggers start out broke, and it’s not a problem.

In this post, you’ll learn about 15 free ways to increase blog traffic or generate traffic from zero, whether you just started out or are trying to bring an old blog back to life. I personally use most of these ways and all of them help create meaningful relationships. I’ll explain how.

WordPress Users Beware: 19 Disadvantages of Using WordPress | AdNgin

Posted By eyalkatz on Blogging - Being a WordPress site owner, it is essential for you to consider the common flaws within the platform and make it more compelling.  The thing is that most WordPress users overlook the issues and problems that WordPress presents, which leads to losing potential visitors.

How To Write a Follow-up Sales Email That Doesn’t Suck

Posted By ErenMckay2 on Email Marketing - Today’s successful B2B sales teams focus on building strong, trusting relationships with buyers before they even think about pitching. It’s only after your prospects truly believe that their success is your priority that they’ll consider closing a deal with you. When consumers regularly receive useful content and insights from you, they naturally begin to trust you and advance towards sales-readiness. Then it’s time for writing a good sales email, but how do you do that?

How can I get my website indexed by Google?

Posted By Amabaie on SEO - It’s the biggest F in the FAQ of SEO. The most frequently asked newbie question: “How can I get my website indexed by Google?” The answer is simple. It will get indexed on its own if it’s any good and you do any promotion.

How to Work in WordPress Maintenance Mode

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Blogging - Any work on a live site is best performed behind the curtain of a maintenance mode screen.

That’s because a half-built live website or a site undergoing maintenance hardly screams professionalism, does it? Unfortunately, we all need to make changes to our websites from time to time.

Here’s how to do it.

Meet the Company Trying to Make Fake Online Reviews a Thing of the Past |

Posted By ErikEmanuelli on Startups - Bessemer Venture Partners is leading a $22 million round for Yotco, a startup trying to make user generated content more reliable for gaining new customers.