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Welcome to Amplifyblog

How much time did you spend on social media yesterday?

How much time the day before?

The answer is usually one of two things: Not enough or too much.

It’s very hard to hit the sweet spot when it comes to managing your social media accounts. What is the right amount of time? There are so many accounts and you only have a set number of hours in your day.

Sometimes you might wind up skipping social media updates because you don’t have time to hit all of your accounts.

Other times you might try and play catch-up and wind up spending hours you don’t have skimming articles, posting links and finding or creating catchy videos and images.

So maybe the answer isn’t trying to carve out time or get in a routine of posting and optimizing.

Maybe the answer is to simply hire someone else to do the heavy lifting.

A virtual assistant can handle all of your social media accounts all of the time.

All you would have to do is provide some direction. Your VA would handle all of the tedious searching, reading, pinning, tweeting and retweeting that is necessary for an active, profitable social media experience.

Aren’t you tired of feeling like you’re missing the countless opportunities social media marketing can offer?

See what the AmplifyBlog Social Media Management Team can do for you.

Ampifyblog Team…

These are some of the Social Media Management Tools that we use to Promote, Amplify and Maintain your Social Media Accounts

Social Media tools are great when it comes to quickly unfollow those who aren’t active and engaging or simply follow back influencers who are great contributors. Sites like ViralContentBuzz or JustRetweet can help amplify the reach of great content and our VAs use such tools to promote your content further. SlideShare, Youtube or Infographic directories are good ways to repurpose content


ManageFlitter helps us to quickly unfollow people who aren’t following us back on twitter. It also helps in getting rid of inactive and fake followers. Thus making sure your followers are real and relevant to your niche.


JustRetweet is a twitter marketing tool which helps in promoting your content on twitter. Our VAs promote other people’s content, earns credits – and uses those credits to promote your own content.


ViralContentBuzz is similar to JustRetweet and helps in promoting content on the social media. Our VAs promote other people’s content, earns credits and use those credits to promote your content.


For content scheduling, we use tools like Buffer where we can schedule your tweets and other social updates for a later time in the future. This way, we make sure your social accounts are updated at all times.


For blog commenting, we use tools like CommentLuv and look for dofollow blogs. We use sites like AllTop to find relevant and targeted blogs, based on your niche and requirements.


SlideShare, Youtube and infographic directories are great way to repurpose content into formats like Slides, Videos or infographics – which helps in gaining audience.

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