I had 5 interviews this year. Go Beach! Letter grade only (A-F). I'm beginning to think that my fellow CSULB students don't have active reading skills. It puts you in a position to set yourself up, if you play your cards right. I go to CSULB for Mechanical Engineering and I can say that it's a good engineering school. What is that major like and what kind of subjects do I need to master??? School sucks sometimes and you just gotta get through. From cosmetics to plastics, potato chips to microelectronic chips, and energy to environment, chemical engineers work on processes that responsibly convert raw materials into useful products. Most "seismic engineers" are either geotechs or structural. That's it! Photo courtesy of Matthew Mendoza Kludjian, known to students as “Professor Vahe,” died on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 17 of what appears to be natural causes. It sucks to here this as this my first year at CSULB, but I know from friends and family friends what I've just told you. The more useful skills you learn the easier time you'll have setting yourself up. Students can submit either the SAT or ACT exam scores at CSULB. Cal State Long Beach has higher submitted ACT score (64) than Cal State Fullerton (64). This is my last semester at csulb. It's all about the opportunities. See the most popular majors at California State University - Long Beach. Program Objectives . But long beach is good as well. Water Resources- deals with large water flows: rivers, dams, coffers, etc. Structural- deals with pure structural design of bridges, buildings, etc. Transportation- deals with transportation. Civil is 5 (or 6 or 7) separate disciplines in 1, with each coming with its own challenges and opportunities. We are determined to advance the science and application of information technology by providing students with real world information through guest speakers, workshops, seminars, projects, and other activities. The College of Engineering at California State University--Long Beach has an application deadline of April 15. I mean I think both sides of this argument are true-- you'll be alright in your career if you find what you want and basically excel at it on your own terms, but it is not completely naive to have expected some brilliant instruction once in awhile. What I mean is, he told me that if you Just go to class and study, the employers around here aren't going to pay much attention to you vs someone from a more famous school, so what you got to do is do extra curricular like formula sae, or dbf, or esra, and employers(especially Boeing) love students who do this. The application fee is $70 for U.S. residents and $70 for international students. Civil engineering and construction engineering management as a profession. Cal State Fullerton has more students with 40,280 students while Cal State Long Beach has 37,466 students. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm still disappointed in the instruction, extra curricular, and job opportunities at this school. CSULB offers four options for a Master's in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering. Contact the CSULB Civil Engineering Alumni Group at ce.alumni.csulb@gmail.com to find out more information! Long Beach, CA 90840 Earn a grade of C or better in each of the following required major-preparation courses. Engaging your Reddit community. There's a fucking bowling alley, but no quiet study areas in the engineering department. 2014-2015 University Catalog Roadmaps - College of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - 4 Year Plan . For other disciplines, other prereqs get more important (environmental-chemistry, transportation-statistics, water resources-physics), etc. One thing I learned in engineering during my time at CSULB is to do more with less. All are examples of Heavy Civil Engineering, a branch of engineering centered around design and construction of airports, bridges, canals, dams, levees, roads, and tunnels. Stay updated with our upcoming events, projects, … It’s always interesting when an engineering company visits campus to share their story with students—even more so when that company is hiring. Hey everyone, Wishing everyone got into their desired colleges. Though how you succeed is by using what you have to make something greater. Aerospace Engineering (Part Time) Beavers Distinguished Faculty of Practice (Heavy Civil) (Full Time) Chemical Engineering (Part Time) Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management (Construction) (Part Time) Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management (Civil) (Part Time) Computer Engineering & Computer Science (Part Time) FUCK CSULB is what I'm getting at here. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units. Contact. I don't think the average freshman is looking for research opportunities on campus. 3rd year mechanical engineering major. The Golden Gate Bridge. More. Dr. Lisa Star joined the CSULB Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management Department in 2011. I was told there'd be cake. It ain't the school young buck, it's the entire system. The Civil Engineering Department at California State University Long Beach on Academia.edu Dr. Star’s primary research interests are in geotechnical and earthquake engineering. There's nothing better than seeing motivated students in my field that are prospective hires motivated at events because I will remember you. I've experienced basically all the department has to offer now and it's all fallen short of what I thought I was paying for.