I bought 40lbs of Aragonite - 40lbs Nature's Ocean Marine White Sand #0 - 20lbs Nature's Ocean Coral Substrate. 4.6 out of 5 stars 50. 49. Sep 29, 2006 #6 Thanks for the input but some of the biggest aquariums I have ever seen use a brand of crushed coral with aragonite from carib sea. I haven't had any issues yet. I don't syphon or clean … 0 0. this is why africa cichlid keepers use it in their tanks. Crushed coral is perfect for a cichlid tank because it causes the Ph level of the tank to spike and cichlids do require a high pH level tank. I am using crushed coral in my freshwater tank with cherry shrimp and endler guppies and everyone is doing fine. The advantage of the crushed coral leaves is to buffer the water ph. Low pH means your water is acidic while a higher pH level means your water is alkaline. i had a guy from the pet-shop tell me that its wrong to touch or clean my crushed coral substrate. 10LB CRUSHED CORAL SUBSTRATE GRAVEL REEF MARINE FISH TANK AQUARIUM SALTWATER DRY. 4.3 out of 5 stars 8. or Best Offer. that will decide whether or not you can use the crushed coral. The cost of replacing the substrate is a bit out of my budget now. Softer plants such as Valisneria, parrot feather, and others do not lastwhich can include Java Fern. Hi, so I have a 36 gallon tank and currently my pH is at 6.0 and I need to raise it to between 7.0 and 7.6. Natural Colour Marine Sand, 2-4 mm. Carib Sea crushed coral is a no frills substrate that is suitable for cichlids. It is usually used in saltwater aquariums, but can be used in … im thinking of using a mixture of crushed coral and sand for my sand base in my display and sump. £38.99 £ 38. CaribSea's Florida Crushed Coral with aragonite allows an increase in bio-load by up to 50% and it never needs replacement. It has crushed coral because I originally wanted to put african cichlids in it. Crushed Coral with Free reef safe filter media bag (400g) 3.7 out of 5 stars 6. Premium natural sand for the planted aquarium Good for the life of the aquarium. he said if i did that it will mess up the biological system in my tank and it would be a catastrophe for my fish and everything else living in it. Though, many experienced aquarists say that crushed coral is a better refugium substrate than sand because larger spaces allow the water to flow and will trap fewer nitrates. I was wondering which way would be the best for my fish and which method would be faster if any. 4 réponses. Substrates with large grain sizes are easily whipped by strong water flow, causing sandstorms and debris build-up in aquariums. Jul 3, 2020 #5 TJDSEKULA Well-Known Member View Badges. £11.99 £ 11. $12.99 shipping . It is a one of the best cichlid substrates for the cost savvy hobbyist. Build Thread Contributor. I realize that a bio-substrate is preferred but unfortunately I already have the crushed coral. However i have been reading a bit more into the subject and the use of sand raises its head quite often. Cichlids require a pH level of about 7.8-8.5 to feel comfortable. View Details Send Enquiry The Best Reef Sand Substrates Reviewed 2019. Répondre Enregistrer. I would just go with sand if your pH isn't incredibly low. Skip to Content . I got my crushed coral in a used tank I purchased at a swap meet so I was a little worried that there might be residue from copper based medications but so … Jainsons Crushed Coral Planted Substrate(Pink) ₹ 399.00 ₹ 399.00 ₹ Get it Wednesday, Nov 11. It is an aragonite based, white and slightly coarse substrate. I put the CC on the bottom and the rest on top. $30.59 $33.99 $33.99 (You save $3.40 ) Current Stock: Quantity: ... No matter what type of system you are setting up, we have the substrate that’s perfect for the filtration method and habitat you are creating. i had the tank for about 4 years and i dont know if im harming the fish. Complete with shells to make your aquarium look even more amazing, this sand helps to create a natural biological and mineralogical balance to prevent algae growth and improve the health of your fish. Aragonite Florida Dry Crushed Coral (15 lb) 1.0 - 2.0 mm - Caribsea. Joined Apr 20, 2019 Messages 867 Reaction score 1,533 Location Pocono mountains. Live Reef Sand, Fiji Pink Arag-Alive! Réponse préférée . Choose the best substrate where crushed coral leaves tend to perform magic for the brackish aquarium. 5 years ago. 1 Gallon 6lbs Arganonite Rubble Rock Crushed Coral 1" to 3" - $19.99. Some keepers will mix crushed coral in with their sand or gravel substrate, or place coral in their filters to add to carbonate hardness in the water. Crushed coral is a great tool for raising your pH. The lower your pH is, the faster it dissolves. Any deviation in the pH level can be fixed by keeping limestone rocks and crushed coral substrate in the tank. … Hey guys, I just setup up my little 5 gallon bowfront that was collecting dust in the closet and have a question. Carib Sea Florida Crushed Coral, 10 lb. Buce Plant offers UNS Controsoil which does not leech ammonia after being added and is known to be less messy than other aquarium soils. FREE Delivery. Debris sit at the top and don't go down … Fuji pink sand or barebottom. 2006214 Depends on how much you are into maintainence crushed coral and the like creates pockets for wastes to accumilate and have manually be removed before they turn into mini nitrate factories, a sandbed on the other hand is pretty much maintenance fre. Crushed coral is a common aquarium substrate that is composed of coral skeleton pieces, shells, and limestone. Never use crushed coral, worst looking substrate imo so early 2000s. The porous nature of crushed coral makes an excellent biological filter for the aquarium while also buffering the pH. Call for Price: 011 826 5887 . Typical Size: 2.5 - 5.5 mm Average Density: 72 lb/ft 3. Il y a 1 décennie. Ridgeway Enterprises Coral Sand - 1mm Fine Grain - 25kg bag. Depending on how hard your water is (GH), and the overall ph (KH), standard aquarium sand can be used. Crushed coral raises your pH and is mostly used as a substrate for tanks with cichlids. You will have to rinse and drain the crushed coral about 30 or 40 times to get the substrate clean enough for your tank. Try to keep a pH testing kit in your home to test the water on a weekly basis. Sand particles are not recommended for the small size and capacity to clog the filter. I also have large Amazon Swords, red and green crypts, and even a Java Fern that is doing well with the rabbits. Crushed coral is coral rock that has been finely crushed and is used as a substrate in an aquarium. It eliminates chronic pH problems and provide maximum surface area for water purifying bacteria. In actuality, this product is not crushed at all, but is a natural product that is screened to size. Premium natural substrate for the planted aquarium Good for the life of the aquarium Rinse right in the bag (3.5 kg only) Call for Price: 011 826 5887. It doesn't indicate the amount of nutrients the substrate contains. The current substrate of crushed coral and pebbles is below the frame line on the tank, so would it be okay to just add sand on top of this? Substrate Liverock Sand Or Crushed Coral Captive. $10.00. Shell grit, crushed limestone, crushed marble, crushed coral skeletons, coral sand, and oolitic aragonite substrates are possible choices. Lv 5. Free shipping. Geo-Marine Florida Crushed Coral CaribSea's Geo-Marine Florida Crushed Coral™ is the only crushed coral with aragonite and provides over 25 times the buffering capacity of other crushed corals. Show: Flourite. This helps with the tank biodiversity. good idea/bad idea? nmbsun New Member. It does increase the pH and hardness, you are exactly right. Eco-Friendly Aragonite Reef Sand - FINE Natural White Crushed Coral. $27.20 shipping. Pertinence. Gravel, Substrates, crushed coral and Aragonite . with crushed coral substrate. £10.49 £ 10. if so, any tips on adding sand with the fish still in tank? Live Reef.. The only issue I have is that sand settles down under the gravel a fair bit. As the pH rises, it slows down how fast the crushed coral dissolves. 99. Unlike natural sand, aquarium sand is uniform in size and shape and doesn’t have any sharp edges which could injure aquatic organisms. does anyone still use crushed corals or any combination of sand and crushed coral for a sand bed? KristyW. If you're starting your own marine tank with a coral reef, Caribsea Aragonite Aragamax Grand Bahama can be a fantastic substrate for your tank. To prevent this problem, large-grain substrates are crushed into smaller grains that are suitable for aquariums with a strong flow of water. Sand does not cloud up your water and is easier to clean than gravel. A solution to this issue is to manually add minerals into the water during water changes, or to add another substrate like crushed coral which slowly releases minerals into the water over time. Florida Crushed Coral is the only crushed coral with aragonite, which provides up to 25 times the buffering power of other crushed corals, dolomite, or oyster shell. We personally use it at 1 pound of crushed coral per 10 gallons of water when mixed in with our gravel. what is your stocking? $22.95 shipping. I have a 100gal. 10lb. There is a lot of fine, dusty coral in the bag that must be washed away or else it will make the water murky. My nitrates have been 0 since cycling. Generally sand sifters will not process crushed coral … I just bought a 15 pound bag of crushed coral.I've seen you can add it to your substrate or put it in a mesh bag and add it to your filter. Can be used alone or as a $38.49. Anonymous. $19.99. Flourite® Sand. Reefing education and supplies since 2007. The good thing is, if you can keep nitrate levels under control, the crushed coral will help the microfauna grow and breed. Live Reef Sand, Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand, Bimini Pink Arag-Alive! Crushed coral can be used to increase a low pH level tank by adding a small amount to your substrate. it won't 'screw up' the tank, depending on what you keep in there. I seeded it with some sand from my 46 gallon bow front and some Garf grunge I … I have a local salt water fish dealer and he specializes in Reef Aquariums and he told me that this business of … I have about 100lbs of crushed coral that i … 99 (£38.99/Stück) Get it Tuesday, Nov 10. As such, the substrate you use is particularly crucial to buffer your water ph and hardness. Crushed Coral Substrate found in: Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! JBL Aquadur. Live Reef Sand, Bahamas Oolite Arag-Alive! Crushed coral dissolves over time continually. Flourite® Black. Tetras prefer and do better with softer, lower pH water so I would really recommend against using this substrate for tetras. When i originally started out, my LFS advised me to use crushed coral as the substrate, saying it was perfectly adequate for a reef setup and fish. Reactions: magicwhistle and LRT. It’s possible to use small stones or aquarium gravel but not sufficient in maintaining the pH levels. Been reading in several posts some members are utilizing crushed coral or other substrates that are normally used for fish that live in hard alkaline For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avPZK. You can also use buffers in your tank to lower and raise the level of pH. Source(s): substrate cichlids sand gravel crushed coral: https://biturl.im/nlda7. Being good depends on your goals. Only 8 left in stock. Sale! crushed coral will buffer your water, making it harder. Aquarium sand is usually made from crushed quartz, coral, or minerals such as aragonite, or is manufactured artificially from a silica base. if you have crushed coral as your substrate how do you go about pulling it out and replacing it with live sand? At the time I had a bag of crushed coral on hand and decided to use it for the substrate. What We Don’t Like About CaribSea Crushed Coral Substrate.