3) Matthias Church: The trip lasts 40 minutes. - Passes: They are divided into the following prices: Discounted Group Tanulójegy (650 Ft/Passenger), 24 Hour Pass (1650 Ft), 72 Hour Pass (4150 Ft), 5/30 BKK Pass (4550 Ft), Festival Pass (4950 Ft), Group 24 Hour Pass (3300 Ft), Monthly Passes (540 Ft to 21400 Ft), Quarterly Passes (9990 Ft to 28500 Ft), and Annual Passes (103000 Ft to 219860 Ft). Getting around is very simple, during the night as well!Please use this Budapest subway map to travel around the city. COST: Membership $8 Overview Map Woodshed Lounge is a neighborhood bar frequented by gay men (though it’s not uncommon to find lesbians shooting pool or having drinks on the patio). Line M4 will be expanded with the construction of stations in Gazdagrét, Madárhegy, Bosnyák tér, Dózsa György út (which is not related to the station of the same name in line M3,) Róna utca, Hungária körút, Budaörs, and Újpalota. 2) Parliament Buildings: The trip lasts 34 minutes. All relevant transport related information including the current traffic situation, news and updates, service changes and reconstruction works. Budapest metro map Metro map of Budapest Below you can find a Budapest underground map showing all metro and HÉV lines and stations. 17) Újpest-Központ: trams 12 and 14; and buses 25, 30, among others. Budapest's iconic Line 1 was completed in 1896. You can pay the Budapest Metro with tickets, cards, or passes. Budapest - guide chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 4) Ecseri út: tram 3; and buses 181 and 281. Taking the Budapest metro is an economical way of exploring the city. With this program You can easily find stations. Next, board the metro in line M1 towards Mexikói út M, and travel for 8 minutes. 1228x1713 / 481 Kb Go to Map. - No Settings Required. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. - Cemetery Schedule: October 28th to the 31st and November 1st. 5 P.M.-2:30 A.M., Sun. 2) Puskás Ferenc Stadion: 4:32 am - 11:32 pm. 2020-04-03T11:10:00Z. The dates for each schedule during 2017 are the following: The departure frequencies for each line are the following: 2) Line M2: 10 minutes during mornings, five minutes during the day, and 10 minutes during nights. To go from the Franz Liszt airport to this station, board bus 200E, and travel for around half an hour. You can also take a free trip to the hills of Buda with the cogwheel railway. After 7 stops, get off at Hósök tere. 11) Déli pályaudvar: No departures since it is the end of the line. - Double Tab to Zoom and Focus. The Budapest Metro (Hungarian: Budapesti metró) is the rapid transit system in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Budapest metro, tram and suburban railway map. 4) You cannot enter the metro with an expired ticket. 1) Vörösmarty tér: tram 2, and buses 15 and 115. 1) Kelenföld Vasútállomás: 4:27 am - 11:27 pm. Opens to the Budapest map immediately so you can quickly decide if you need to hop on the train in front of you or wait for the next one. There are pool … A 1-Day-Pass is 1550F. Most international trains arrive and depart from Budapest's historic Keleti Pályaudvar, built between 1881 & 1884, one of Europe's classic railway stations. From Kóbánya-Kispest, board the metro in line M3 towards Újpest-Központ M, and travel for 17 minutes. 5) Móricz Zsigmond Körtér: 4:32 am - 11:32 pm. The city is protected by the UNESCO because of the cultural importance of some of its buildings and landmarks. The red is the third and the The city currently has 4 metro lines. Take a look at our detailed itineraries, guides and maps to help you plan your trip to Budapest. Additionally, a new line, line M5, will be built. Budapest Metro at Wikipedia. As a fun fact, one of the metro's lines are protected by the UNESCO. Finally, walk 3200 feet to 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3. 3508x4961 / 2,91 Mb Go to Map. The Budapest Metro is an underground rapid transit system serving the city. After two stops, get off at Margit híd, budai hídfó H. Finally, walk 1100 feet to Gül Baba Türbe és Rózsakert Budapest, 1023 Budapest, Mecset utca 14. You can take bus 200E to go from a metro station to the airport. Budapest Metro Information The Budapest metro is a rapid transit system and a popular means of public transportation in Budapest, Hungary.The system began operations in 1896 and is the second oldest in the world. - December 24th: During this day, the metro only runs until 4:00 pm. Enjoy your travel in Budapest using public transportation and the metro. The Yellow line is the oldest underground transportation line in continental Europe and retains much of its old-fashioned charm. The yellow is the oldest one, which in fact is the second oldest subway/metro line in Europe. 10) In modern rail cars, a female pre-recorded voice says "Kerem vigyazzanak, az ajtok zarodnak," which means "The doors are closing so be careful." After 11 stops, get off at Arany János utca. 8) Széll Kálmán tér: trams 4, 6, 17, 56, 56A, 59, 59A, 59B, and 61; and buses 5, 16, among other buses. 2) Határ út: trams 42, 50, and 52; and buses 66, 89E, among other buses. The system began operations in 1896 and is the second oldest in the world.