They feed on invertebrates like octopus and squid. “So that was absolutely one of the focuses as we were cutting that scene — this poor individual just kind of clamoring to survive in this mass of bodies.”, A tease of a few other memorable moments in this Saturday’s hour…, Giant cuttlefish mating: The Blue Planet II team worked in South Australia with cuttlefish scientist Alexandra Schnell, who’s been studying what Jeffs terms “this quite incredible, tumultuous scene of amazing behaviors.” When a large male has its eye on a female that’s clearly over him, a smaller male may take it upon himself to mute his coloring and “tuck in his arms” and pose as a female — so he can swim right up to the larger male and then to the female, with whom he’ll mate. "I'm so glad to be home with you and Lyla," Chris Pratt wrote in the loving birthday message, giving their 4-month-old daughter a sweet shout-out, Sia responded to FKA twigs's lawsuit against the actor by tweeting that she has also "been hurt emotionally by Shia.". Blue Planet 2 shows an octopus fighting for its life against a shark In order to survive, the shark has to release the octopus and allow it to swim to freedom. The first was to choke out a shark which had got hold of her. 4.9 out of 5 stars 11. Blue Planet is a user-made expansion pack made by Dennis1991. Bird Vs Fish. While those numbers are going down again in some areas, the team was able to capture gorgeous aerial shots of a large group of otters huddled together, or rafting — a sight not seen for over a century. Jan 30, 2018 - The documentary’s marvels are not just new to television – many are new to science as well. “Obviously when you’re looking for very close-up macro shots like that, you are moving into using special filming tanks,” Jeffs says. What fascinated Jeffs more than how sneaky the battling males can be is the role females play in deciding their partners. They’re constantly observing their surroundings and adjusting their bodies and their postures and their colors as they’re moving. David Attenborough had a very good 2017 . “There’s this phenomenally clever animal that’s just doing everything it can, using its wits to survive against quite a ruthless predator.”, As viewers will learn in the making-of segment that ends the episode, the attack was particularly upsetting for cameraman Roger Horrocks and naturalist Craig Foster, who allowed Horrocks to follow alongside him for months in search of an octopus on the hunt. Mattingly, who was shot in the […], Under the pen name John le Carré, the novelist wrote "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," "The Constant Gardener" and "The Night Manager. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. $35.99 $ 35. It seems like a good plan. It forces its tentacles into the shark’s gills in a bid to cut of it’s air supply and suffocate it. Preview clip from Sunday's Blue Planet II sees David Attenborough narrate an octopus who hides in plain sight from a shark. The fact that an octopus, with the adorable name Inky, was able to escape its tank (and escape to the ocean by way of a laboratory drain) isn't surprising. But then I saw that the octopus had its arms and legs going in to the mouth of the shark and out of the gills, starving it of oxygen. “You’ve just got to find the right scenario where the right individuals are interacting in that way. Where is it filmed, and what animals are featured? "I think deep down I still got a lot of Cindy Lou Who in me," Taylor Momsen said. Blue-ringed octopuses, comprising the genus Hapalochlaena, are four highly venomous species of octopus that are found in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans, from Japan to Australia. Anyway, this one fancies octopus for tea, already has a mouthful, but the octopus sticks a spare tentacle into the shark’s gills and stops it breathing, so it has to let go. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Luckily, I looked up the name of the exhibition – Planet Shark: Predator or Prey - The Experience – on Google and found the website for the company that developed the displays and installs them in museums worldwide. Founded in 2000, we have built a large community of experts, hobbyists and enthusiasts, some of whom come together when we host our biennial conference.To join in on the fun, sign up - it's free! At a depth of 750 metres, a Blue Planet II submarine was shoved by some enormous sixgill sharks. Film and TV mogul Tyler Perry has donated $100K to the legal defense fund of Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Black medical worker Breonna Taylor who was died in her own home at the hands of Louisville Metro Police Department plainclothes officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove. A shark can never choke out another shark or use armour because it has no tentacles or hands. ... by their seven gill slits as most sharks only have five. All BPII content — including short form, trailers and the first two episodes — has now been watched over 100M times in the first 13 days, BBC Worldwide tells Deadline. ... By James Gill. Blue Planet II: from octopus v shark to fish that crawl, the series’s biggest discoveries. “Because of course it’s not all females that are doing this all the time,” Jeffs says. The octopus slides her tentacles into the pyjama shark’s gill to try and suffocate it #BluePlanet2 Jeffs has long considered octopuses one of her favorite animals because they’re so wily. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. They are eating machines, so they are very happy to keep munching away on the kelp. The singer's Verzuz battle against Keyshia Cole had to be canceled due to her diagnosis. That’s the premise of The Meg, a flick which opened August 10.This movie pits massive Carcharocles megalodon against a a handful of resourceful scientists. I have recently been watching Blue Planet 2. The octopus was under attack from a pyjama shark - yeah, that name seemed cool at first, before its thunder got stolen. The most heartbreaking sequence in ‘Blue Planet II’: A pilot whale mourning her calf, The most terrifying sequence of ‘Blue Planet II’: The Bobbit worm, Why ‘The Deep’ episode of ‘Blue Planet II’ is the one you can’t miss, ‘Blue Planet II’ premiere: Bird-eating fish and 5 more sequences you’ll be talking about. It was fantastic to see these individual animals really having an impact on what was happening around them.”, Sea urchins eating: Sea urchins have tough, self-sharpening teeth — and when urchins move in as an army, they can decimate a kelp forest and leave it barren. If we continue to protect them, might those kinds of raftings be seen again in the future? Octopus Kraken Throw Blanket, Ocean Animals Sea Monster Soft Fleece Blanket for Traelling Sofa Couch Bed, 58 x 80 Inch . Get up to 50% off. ... it pushes its arms into the gills of the shark, blocking its airways. Build a low-code factory and bring business and IT together in new ways. Our Vision is to be the # 1 Trusted Document Management Consulting Group. Get Verizon Fios Home Internet this holiday. Timothée Chalamet showed his support for "Dune" production company Legendary Entertainment while hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. She really was Sherlock to me, and so we wanted to bring that across.”, Game of Thrones‘s Battle of the Bastards, meanwhile, was on Jeffs’s mind when it came to the spider crab sequence. Using a network of pigment cells and specialized muscles in its skin, the common octopus can almost instantaneously match the colors, patterns, and even textures of its surroundings. It consists of two parts and includes many aquatic animals, foliage, scenery and more. “For me, our hero crab was always Jon Snow in that incredible battle scene,” Jeffs says. Read more. Journey to Georgia in 360° The people who listen to whales. She fought back and escaped, and it’s quite amazing.”, When you watch the sequence Saturday, the music from composer Hans Zimmer and the team at Bleeding Fingers might remind you of the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Sherlock. It is found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide and its diet is widely varied by region. title, Taylor Momsen on How the Grinch Stole Christmas 20 Years Later: 'Such an Impactful Moment in My Life', Craig Melvin's brother Lawrence dies from colon cancer at age 43. “The behavior with her pushing her arms through the gills really was quite a surprise to us all — certainly a surprise to them, I think. Related articles. Look for rehab prices. Our Mission is to properly prepare families when they need assistance. It has wheezy nonogenarian David Attenborough providing the narration and, for a bloke of his age, he does remarkably well. Inky, who was a common New Zealand octopus, probably used these brainy skills to sneak out of the National Aquarium in Napier, New Zealand, said aquarium manager Rob Yarrall. The husband and father of two was first diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2016. Hundreds of thousands of the giant spider crabs march together in Australia because there’s safety in numbers. In this GIF, it can be seen sticking its tentacles into the shark’s gills, making it difficult for the predator to breathe. So we were able to capture those, again for a very short period of time, and bring them into filming burrows. Planet II shows. Bring joy to every device in the house with the 100% fiber-optic network. The shark ambushes, and then, in one of the most astonishing sequences in the series Blue Planet II, the octopus escapes. Last night Blue Planet II outdid itself, getting footage of an octopus outsmarting the aptly-named pyjama shark. The male collects food for its mate, since the female stays in the burrow and focuses all her energy on her eggs. Daily Telegraph. Much like the Coconut Octopus which gathers coconut shells and uses them as a helmet, this octopus transforms into a ball covered with colorful shells which could easily be … 99. The first was choking out sharks with her powerful tentacles when they bit her. He is best known for his work on My Octopus Teacher, Our Planet and Blue Planet 2. 1 weekend and the studio’s seventh straight weekend atop the charts with $3 million from 2,115 screens.Overseas, the film added $6.6 million in China and $8.4 across all overseas markets, including openings in Mexico and Ecuador. Incredible teamwork from little Clownfish . Blue Planet II World Premiere Highlights. "Here's how we're going to do it: First, healthcare workers [will get the vaccine]," Fauci explained. “It’s intriguing, because you wonder, ‘Is this the kind of scene that would’ve been seen up and down the American coastline not that long ago? Inky, who was a common New Zealand octopus, probably used these brainy skills to sneak out of the National Aquarium in Napier, New Zealand, said aquarium manager Rob Yarrall. Sir David Attenborough gives his closing message for the Blue Planet II series. Pursued by a pyjama shark, the octopus was seen first plugging its attacker’s gills with its tentacles in an apparent bid to suffocate it. Hire Roger as an underwater DOP/Cinematographer. The shark ambushes, and then, in one of the most astonishing sequences in the series Blue Planet II, the octopus escapes. They thought she’d had it. Action, wonder, and wave after wave of exquisite photography were the keynotes of Blue Planet II. The former sequence takes place in a South African kelp forest, where the hunter, a common octopus stalking a crab, suddenly becomes the hunted. HGTV aired the special "White House Christmas 2020" on Sunday, featuring all the splendor of First Lady Melania Trump’s holiday designs. This new car cloth can easily remove all the car scratches and dents from your car. The "Into the Blue" segments at the end of Blue Planet are often the most interesting bits because they show how they film these things. What may surprise some people: sea otters almost went extinct. It was only when the cameraman started to rise above the action and he was getting shots looking down on the cuttlefish that he started to actually pick up on this one female who was using the signaling and then was able to hone in on the trio. See Film Credits. This threatened species is rarely hunted by other marine life, but it is a frequent victim of bycatch. Next will […], It didn't take long after news broke Saturday that legendary country musician Charley Pride died of complications from COVID-19 for musicians and industry professionals to speculate whether he contracted the virus at the Country Music Association Awards (CMAs), which took place on Nov. 11 in person though socially distant. Planet Earth: Blue Planet II airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. The move forced the shark to let go of its hold on the octopus in order to breathe.