Some servers do not require the quest to access the dungeon. Glast Heim: One-hit Raydrics using SD, Inverse Scale is a good option for weapon. He desires the following sets of items (bring only the set he asks for each time and NO other sets, i.e. You'll need to key in her husband's name Engel Howard. The deepest levels run amok with aggressive turtles and turtle splices. The Airship Guide can be found here. Here is a link to the. Listen carefully to the locations he mentions. We also tell you NPC locations, vender locations, vender item/price list and warps that goes in and out of the map. She'll tell you they moved to Geffen because it's near her husband's work place. Go to the Geffen Fountain and click on it to enter Geffenia. Geffen Town Left Warp > Geffen Field 7 South Portal > Geffen Field 13 Right Bottom Warp > Geffen Field 9 Lower Portal > Geffen Field 10 Top Left Corner > Inside Orcs > Orc Dungeon, Payon Dungeon, Payon 1, Payon 2, Payon 3, Payon 4. Some players get responses that there is nothing the GM can do. She rewards you with 3 Panacea. Talk to a Strange Guy, Dearles cmd_in02 8851. Here are all of the known examples: (w/ point values and npc location listed next to them). Otherwise, he will take all the quest items and you'll need to recollect): 4. So this is my first time writing a guide, fully adapted to the perspective of so-called newbies. The arrows will lead you to the destination. : What is the Bunny Band's DEF and its added ability? There are also many Boat travel options here. Most servers require completion of the quest to access Ayothaya Ancient Shrine, follow this link. You find a Depressing Man, Gen niflheim 146241 just West of the building you enter. The first thing you should do on any server is make 3 characters: Hunting character – Hunter or Assassin (Sin is great because they get the skill Steal.. Money character – Merchant (get the skills Vending, Overcharge, and Discount.). It is within the Dimensional Gorge that Satan Morroc will be found. After that expect to be teleported to one south of Aldebaran (mjolnir_12). Go to the Geffen Fountain and click on it to enter Geffenia. If it succeeded, you'll get the Sobbing Starlight. well maybe i thought, there was an update or changelog that makes the build for geffenia null, sorry as you can see, im just new here jnel , 2 Apr 2016 jnel , 2 Apr 2016 Since it’s possible to start in various towns, I’ll start with the most common. 10 Empty Test Tube (Shorter quest). Sunken Ship via Fisk NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip, some servers allow a kafra in Sunken Ship check yours before going into the dungeon. Decent drop rate and high value. These icy mobs are great experience, but require teamwork as you go deeper. : What is the city closest to Turtle Island? You'll become "lost" and be teleported to either (prt_maze01) or (prt_maze03). First we’ll break down each region of the map based on possible starting points. Town Map: Maps that have Kafra and many other NPCs and no aggressive monsters. Much thanks guys. Byalan to Dungeon, Byalan 0, Byalan 1, Byalan 2, Byalan 3, Byalan 4. Only the strongest warriors should dive into the deepest dungeons. 10. 0 Back to top #8 Chisami Chisami. Map & targets: You have to farm on the map named Morroc field 21. The one that is “winning” in votes will provide direct warps to certain dungeons for a fee. Bring The Sign back to Metz. 21. 9. Geffenia Access - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Hello everyone. After beating her, input your character's name and to receive a fourth 1 Crumb of Sobbing Starlight. 8. Ragnarok Online MSP new update brings a new Kafra Shop UI, added new Monster HP Bar, and shows the number of monsters that you kill from the billboard mission or another quest. It says how many are right and how many are in the right sequence…, I’m sure that by this time if you haven’t gotten it right… the machine kicked you out. He senses your strength, select the pull and read the 3rd book. Now he'll ask for artsy items. The maps have easy leveling, but I’d recommend sticking to field maps until you change class from novice. In order to win, more or equal questions must be answered correctly than Jesqurienne. 15. The Second Map has a variety of bears. After you tell him your intentions he'll ask you to collect 10 Worn Out Pages. Use the World Map to trace your own route to the town of your choice. The Airship Guide can be found, Some servers do not require the quest to access the dungeon. Once you have some of your 1st Class skills, there are Kafra Dungeon warps. Talk to Piru Piru aldeba_in 156118, just north west from Sir Jore) and she'll reveal the location of the two alchemists: the south forest. 9. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Go back to Serin (in Niflheim) and she will give you 500,000 base exp (1,125,000 VIP; 113 GX) if you return her ring to her (if you took the path that gave it). After so long lurking in ratemyserver for mobs info finally found a place to farm literally 4-5m per 7 minute Tips its not raw money to sell npc. I will give walking/teleporting directions to each dungeon. Geffenia 1, Geffenia 2, Geffenia 3, Geffenia 4. Now journey to Payon to find Daewoon for the second test. Do the quest on another character. There are no aggressive monsters this route. 2. Are you talking about the Dimensional Gorge or Moscovia? Guild Dungeon 1, Guild Dungeon 2, Guild Dungeon 3, Guild Dungeon 4, Payon Guild Map (pay_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 1, Aldebaran Guild Map (alde_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 2, Prontera Guild Map (prt_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 3, Geffen Guild Map (gef_fild13) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 4. 4. 1. This dungeon also has the, There is a quest to access Kiel Factory. anyone here who can give an absolute guide to enter the scaraba dungeon?? ~~If you use Pharos Beacon you can return to Morroc via the kafra for 1200 or go to Comodo for 1200~~. 7. Read the Announcement on a notice board in one of the cities. Members 1336 posts Location Quebec; Playing: Ragnarok Online; Posted 18 May 2017 - 06:15 PM. Proceed to the Alchemist Guild in Aldebaran aldebaran 6856 and find an Alchemist, Melkaba alde_alche 169162, downstairs and to the right. All the maps surrounding morroc have non aggressive monsters; except for Comodo field 8 (medium aggressors). Talk to him and you find out he was the chosen one once, but failed, and he cautions you. You can’t use 0. Teleport to the portal in the center of the map (gonryun field, medium aggressive) to get to gonryun town. Tell Sir Jore what was discovered about the Stone of Sage from Gordon. Select any option to "Do you have any idea what that jewel you're holding actually is?" You must complete the Continental Guard Quest to access the Dimensional Gorge. Until someone feels like opening it, as I could now. The surrounding maps have great monsters for low leveling. I’ll update the last few towns with more information and include more NPC pictures for the dungeon access quests. DO NOT CLICK ON, but go stand next to the Witch, Kirkena nif_in 188168 (if you click on her you will be teleported back to Umbala) so she begins talking. You can make use of the Airships or Boats, if you have enough zeni. 10 Green Herb Then try Pecos. Keep in mind that the Airship and Boat cost money, be sure to sell drops and save equipment you can wear. : Which item is not relevant to the creation of a Counteragent? External Links The first maze consists of low level monsters. Dangerous realm of the dragons. 20 Rotten Bandage You can take the test again if you failed. For example, Authoritative Badges provide the Priest buff Increase Agility. Anti-spam word: (Required)* Glast Heim 1, Glast Heim Church, Glast Heim Churchyard, Glast Heim Castle 1, Glast Heim Castle 2, Glast Heim Prison, Glast Heim Prison 2, Glast Heim Knight 1, Glast Heim Knight 2, Glast Heim Inside 1, Glast Heim Step, Glast Heim Sewer 1, Glast Heim Sewer 2, Glast Heim Sewer 3, Glast Heim Sewer 4, Glast Heim Lowest Cave (Glast Heim Dun 1), Glast Heim Lowest Cave 2 (Glast Heim Dun 2). Return to Prontera for Metz. Hunter Flies and poisonous mushroom Spores dominate the first level. Only the swift and strong will survive. Trust nothing. 9. Talk to him and 1 Dark Illusion is summoned to attack you. Why should I help them. Some servers may allow memo of all field maps including maps with MVPs or mini-bosses and exclude dungeons only. Speak to him again and agree to help him. You did your best, so you head back and talk to Serin. : Choose the monster that is a different type than the others. Before making any treks, journeys, or other forays away from your home town, I suggest leveling on surrounding maps until you can, If you are an acolyte your goal is to get to Amatsu Dungeon and later Glastheim Dungeon, use the following directions to Izlude and take a Boat to Alberta. Alberta Docks Sailor NPC > Turtle Dungeon. Move onto one of the chairs gef_fild07 182241 there to find an entrance to the Valkyrie Temple. Juperos is the home of the MVP Vesper, the holy mecha. 1 Hinalle Leaflet If you chose the Witch, Kirkena, go find her in her room through the headstone near the stairs on the second floor. 3. Later on she'll send you back to the Witch's room. He will ask for some items to fix up his ship. She'll give you The Sign as proof that you are God's Chosen One. He tells you that if you can merge all the Crumb of Sobbing Starlights into the Sobbing Starlight, he'll reveal more secrets. 1. You'll pass a fountain, but don't click it yet. Payon has no trade routes, but the surrounding maps are great leveling territory. After Arian has all the items he wanted, speak to the Young Man, Gaanan morocc_in 114162 above him. You must collect 11 or more points worth of different artsy items in order to continue. The undead get progressively stronger as you delve deeper into the dungeon. Detailed Information on Geffenia Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details. *Note* I highly suggest making use of your kafra save points in towns. All of my guides are based off the information provided by Go back to Kirkena for an explanation. Certain special “consumables” can increase a stat or give a skill your class might not have. So, choose someone good with math*, It will ask you for three different numbers. After he gets the items, return to Seylin. Louyang Dungeon via the Girl NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip, Louyang town is through the north warp. All of which cost 10,000 zeni, I believe. Go near her again and she'll ask you to come from the headstone near the stairs on the second floor the next time you visit. Be warned however that this map has strong monsters. 1. If you select the option to change your mind and not stop her, you will fail this quest. 7. Go to the Geffen Tower geffen120110 and find Annoyed Man, Dhota gef_tower 11836 and the highest floor. : Choose the correct name of the ruler of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. Odin Temple 1, Odin Temple 2, Odin Temple 3, Hugel Right Dock > Talk to the Boatman > Odin Temple. The lowest and easiest undead to smite in the kingdom of Rune Midgard can be found in the first floor of the Payon Caves. 5. As you descend into the dungeon proper you will encounter Halloween oriented monsters. Welcome to TalonWiki! Abysmal Knight. Once near her, one of two things will happen. Master: High Levels with great equips and a group. The Clock Tower is full of lots of neutral monsters. So in order to talk to them, walk near them to let them initiate a conversation. You'll find Serin at the Unknown Area. Certain maps have stronger monsters and I will give an aggro rating. 1 Mr. Nameless, Nameless Island, Abbey 1, Abbey 2, Abbey 3. If you succeeded, Daewoon then gives you a 1 Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and 18,000 Base EXP, bringing the total to two. The Airship flies from Izlude to Yuno to Racheal, and repeats. Card: An item in the third tab of inventory. I still have The Sign accessory and I put it on, stand by the fountain in Geffen. The Clocks on level 2 are a great way to farm Elunium. 3. The best way to be sure is to test it once. This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 03:25. Crimson Two-Handed Axe [2] Drop: Kobold, Majoruros, Nightmare Minorous, Armeyer Dinze: 200 ATK, Weight 200. Thanatos requires a quest completion to access the dungeon. Once "I understand." You'll get a Piece of Spirit once you break the seal. Izlude Town Boat Route (right top corner) > Byalan Island Center Warp > Byalan Dungeon, Clock Tower 1, Clock Tower 2, Clock Tower 3, Clock Tower 4, Clock Tower Basement 1 (Ald Dungeon 1), CT Basement 2 (Ald Dun 2), CT Basement 3 (Ald Dun 3), CT Basement 4 (Ald Dun 4). He'll hand over the third 1 Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and mentions Jesqurienne in Geffen. Gen will warp you to his Master's room. Sphinx 1, Sphinx 2, Sphinx 3, Sphinx 4, Sphinx 5. The cute little girl will ask you to send a Picture Letter to her father. Go near Anne and she'll thank you. 6. Payon Town Top Portal > Payon Archer Village Left Portal > Payon Cave, Pront Sewer 1, Pront Sewer 2, Pront Sewer 3, Pront Sewer 4. This does cost zeni, keep it in mind. If your server does not have @autoloot 100 automatically set, the monster will drop your items on the ground. (Meaning if there were 2 right in 123 use 1 and 2) Then use the next highest rate. As you head deeper the Earthy Giearths and Undead Skeleton Workers start to appear. Moderate: Mid levels with basic equips solo. The fiercest trees and wood golems in the country can be found in Umbala Dungeon. This dungeon is part of the Faroe Islands, "Rambunctious Ruins" region, which is part of a custom episode on RevivalRO. Im trying to open the portal to Geffenia, but I cant. Once you choose "Why should I help them?," find a Depressing Man, Gen niflheim 146241 just West of the building you entered. Talk to Serin again and she'll ask you to find Greyryu the Poet. Whether you suceed will depend on how much your answers appeal to him. Next, go the Valkyrie Temple and talk to Sandra. Transcendence use the same image for Metz to determine the pickup window. 2. 1. The portal will open temporarily north of the Fountain, and anyone regardless of class, level, or having done the quest may enter it. The Witch is at the highest building niflheim 254191 in Nifflheim. Meet Lady Hell and pass the Sobbing Starlight to her. 5. *Alberta is the only way to access this map unless you have a warper. : down left & up right & up left & stay center, down left & up left & up right & down right & center, down left & up right & up left & down right, up right & down right & up right & down right, up left & up right & center & up right & down left & down right, Go to Alberta's Armor Dealer and buy him a pair of. I have recently started this server, and may not be fully aware of the custom features that I find simply amazing and which you should not assume to ignore it even if it is not mentioned in this guide. Go back to Prontera and pass The Sign to Metz. 8. The classic monster from the Lord of the Rings, orcs have now made Rune Midgard their home. She also tell you to prove yourself is by bringing her the Symbol of the Nine Realms and asks you to keep it as a secret. It seemed appropriate to make a separate guide as there are so many towns and dungeons in Ragnarok. Talk to her and chose "Stop her.". Be warned however that this map has strong monsters. Note: You can re-enter Kirkena room by using the picture near the stairs portal. : Four thousand five hundred sixty divided by four, divided by two, plus three is equal to...? But there's only one Blacksmith who has the skill to forge it and no one knows his whereabouts. Once he finishes, keep talking to him until he gives you the Translated Ancient Language (2% chance). I’ll add the section now. Be careful of what time you turn it in so that it isn't available at a time you won't be able to go back to pick it up. 5. 10 Royal Jelly 3. Level with the Kitties, but flee the ghost-boy Kraben at low levels. If you fail, the Nifflheim NPCs will no longer talk to you. First head south/down one map (payon field 1, no aggressors), or east/right one map (payon field 8, no aggressors) and kill porings to level. Strange Noxious and Venomous fumes dominate the first floor, as well as the undead Pitman and mutated Porcellio. And when you break the fourth seal, you'll get the Spiritual Whispers. 10 Worn Out Page : Fifty-one multiplied by fifteen, divided by three, plus five is equal to...? 2. Simple, clear and easy to use kRO Ragnarok Online interactive world map. Beware Dracula on Geffen dungeon level 1, and the Doppelganger on Geffen dungeon level 2. 1. : Choose the skill related to the Priest's B.S. He'll create Vigorgra with the following ingredients: 22. 8. If you have a Town Warper, skip to the Dungeon Access section. To learn more about Second Edition follow this link to famiong’s Second Edition Guide. Go RMS and search good luck. Choose "What can I do?" Stuck in a collapsed building: Fourth option, 5. Geffenia requires completion of “The Sign” quest to access the dungeon. Use the World Map to trace your own route to the town of your choice. (If you did 4a and 6a, optional, but needs to be done immediately if you choose to do so.) Then remember how many are correct, and how many are in correct sequence. He'll ask you to find the required ingredients to forge the Sobbing Starlight. When you can survive Desert Wolves, you can walk to Prontera, Payon, Izlude towns. The Abysmal Knight is another of those monsters you don't want to bother with. With the weapon you have currently, it's impossible to break the seal. There is a safe route to Alberta, which is a harbor town with many boat routes. The deepest dungeon leads to the Yggdrassil Tree. But he needs you to pay him twice, 40,000 Zeny and 20,000 Zeny. Find Mahatra on the first floor. 6. 1. When you meet Lady Hell, she won't have much to say to you. Here’s my guide and the rms guide. (Lucifer's Lament is storagable, which means you may use it on any character.). Once you have the idea, head north to Payon archer village. South warp leads to Mjolnir_12 which has the one of the entrances to Hidden Temple; however there are Stem Worms on this map which are aggressive. Yuno Town Lower Portal > Yuno Field 4 Right Warp > Yuno Field 3 Right Top Warp > Magma Dungeon, Moscovia Dungeon 1, Moscovia Dungeon 2, Moscovia Dungeon 3. Bring a level 4 weapon from before the 10.1 update. Basics of Benjamins in RO. If entered the maze from mjolnir_12 (suggested; one south of Aldebaran): go down, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, left to reach the second floor. Though usually “underground,” this is not always the case. Press Ctrl+V with your chat box open, then press enter. Moscovia Dungeon can only be accessed through a quest, Finding the Moving Island Quest. This time will be the *only* time of day available for pick up every day. Kill the Abysmal Knights for the cards, if you like. He mentions Arian, who first tests you for your competency. Thereby you hunt this mobs: (the so called ghost) They drop Diabolus Rings (Drop chance 1%), which you can sell for 9,5 to 17m each! Geffenia: By far the best money. If you want to change the percentage of dropped items you keep to 50%, type the command @autoloot 50. 4. Also, is selling blank cards still good to earn money in the game? 6. Gaanan will asks 5 questions, to which the answers are: After answering correctly, talk to Arian to be rewarded with a 1 Crumb of Sobbing Starlight and 18,000 Base EXP. Last is the Underground Shrine, beware the ancient guardian. Head down/south of Prontera town (pront field 8, no aggressor rating). Most NPCs here are DEAD NPCs. After collecting the items, Sir Jore requires information about the Stone of Sage from two famous alchemists. 3. There is a quest to access Kiel Factory. After answering a few questions he asks you to find Gen. 10. 5. You will receive different EXP based on your response here. 6. Metz tells you his family lives in Geffen. This is a great quest with a fun story, but very long (72 steps in the linked walkthrough) requiring a bit of determination. can anyone tell me how to get to niddhog / ygg dungeon and the queen scaraba? 11. He senses your strength, select the pull and read the 3rd book. Serin has tricked you and she was the one who wanted to summon Dark Lord and so you must "Stop her". *Teleport to the Louyang town through the north portal and save at the kafra, before fighting anything.*. Some people do get lucky.”. Izlude Town via Sailor, I believe he varies prices based on your level save at destination (feedback please). Abbey Sanctuary: Killing banshees and ragged zombies for wool scarves and tidal shoes. Now go back to the Giant Telescope in West Geffen Field gef_fild07 182241 to teleport to Valkyrie Temple (No need to bring any ingredients). 1. ... Geffenia. It's extremely helpful and I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit it. Difficult: High levels with good equips and a group. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … But he seems to talking to himself and mumbles about his eyesight. This quest is long, tedious, and has many steps. Go back to Nifflheim and talk to Depressing Man, Gen. 8. Go near the Witch, Kirkena nif_in 188168 and she'll auto talk to you first. After that she'll give you 1 Witch's Tonic and 5 Witch's Medal. The third map is another maze with higher level monsters and even Baphomet himself. Read my Thanatos Walkthrough for specifics but here’s a direct quote, “*Only one Yellow Key is needed for the whole party. Drops: Items that the monsters “drop”. Another of Rune Midgard’s isolated Towns; Morroc is a desert city home to the thieves. This is one of the original places in Ragnarok. Comodo Town Right Portal > Beach 3 Right Portal > Comodo Field 1 South Portal > Comodo Field 2 Kokomo Beach (Seals), Comodo Town Right Portal > Beach 3 Right Portal > Comodo Field 1 Right Portal > Comodo Field 3 Zenhai Marsh (Anolians and Pests), Lighthalzen 1, Lighthalzen 2, Lighthalzen 3. Keep clicking the Mysterious Environment. Go near Crayu. 2 Yggdrasil Leaf Geffenia 03 map has the most Incubi of all of them. To walk freely in the town, the quest a Sticky Situation needs to be finished. Every time you are kicked from the room due to a loss or a time out, there is a chance that you will fail the quest. Then went back for Mahatra. Kill Abymal Knights using SD. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. there’s a guard always said that i still not understand their language or something. *Note* To know what map you are on type: /where. To get to the right dungeon, first you must access the basic Towns. Yuno is the crossroads for Airship Routes. She'll ask you to find her Witch's Spell Book. You'll get 500,000 (113 GX received 1,125,000 Base EXP; VIP) experience points as a reward. The lowest dungeon has Moonlight Flower the cutest Kitty Cat MVP. Nameless Island can only be accessed through a quest. Unfortunately, he can't read the ancient words inside of it, so he sends you to the Magician, Dhota in Geffen. Gonryun field via Kunlun Envoy NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip. Mob Ridewords and kill using MA (good job exp). It can be put on to a specific kind of equipment to enhance your skills, stats, or provide an additional bonus. Once caught up with them prt_maze02 14183 & prt_maze02 16183, talk to Gordon and select the second option about the Stone. I need more information to help you. 23. Alberta Docks Fisk NPC > Alberta Treasure Island Top Right Portal > Sunken Ship Dungeon, Thanatos Scene, Thanatos 1, Thanatos 2, Thanatos 3, Thanatos 4, Thanatos 5, Thanatos 6, Thanatos 7, Thanatos 8, Thanatos 9, Thanatos 10, Thanatos 11, Thanatos 12, Thana Steps, Thana Boss. If you got Serin's Gold Ring earlier, she'll take it but will return it later and you can store the ring in kafra now (before that you couldn't store it). Try googling ragnarok ep 13 patch and you’ll see what I mean. 1 Glasses She'll hand over a Wing Of Crow. Excellent for making money, this dungeon contains monkey ridden trees, gigantic butterflies, and gentle bears. Here, you'll find great information about our Server Details along with helpful Quest Guides, touring through TalonRO's Custom Features, and much more.All members of the TalonRO community are welcome to contribute their own knowledge by creating a wiki account to create and edit entries as well! 4. Most servers require the quest completion to access the dungeon, follow this link. Use SD to one-hit Incubbus and Sucubbus. Go back to the Coal Mines and talk to Engel. Click on the location links to copy the coordinates and command. Perhaps you need something more powerful. Difficult. Walk near her and let her speak to you first then start clicking her head. This must be done before talking to Lady Hell, otherwise Serin will tell you "....." and /sob or /... "...". Your server should have a Cool Event Voting Staff. Every time you are kicked from the room due to a loss or a time out, there is a chance that you will fail the quest. Moscovia can be accessed talking to the Moscovia P R Officer for 10,000 zeni, but only if your server has Moscovia. I recommend using these cheap items. The haunted ship on Treasure Island contains the ghosts of sailors lost at sea and the strangest of sea creatures. 17. Endowed with a random elemental property, excluding Ghost. Field Map: The World Map shows Field Maps only. Be aware that the Dark Illusion's damage display appears late, which registers hits early. Once there, click on the Mysterious Environment and it'll pop up with 3 types of message. However, the environment seems to be creepier. 7. Then, choose the option "Lend me your ship". She also wants you to inform her first-hand once you get the Authority Of Nine World from the Ruler of the Dead and listen to the reasons why she needs these powers. Ayothaya field 1 has Smokies and 3 leaf cats for low levels. Rachel Dungeon requires a quest to access the dungeon. In Geffen, go to the Geffen Fountain and click on it to enter Geffenia. 3. When the curse is successfully broken, the Witch's Spell Book will be received. Just talk to it again, starting over. 6. She'll cry about wanting to go back home. Pyramid 1, Pyramid 2, Pyramid 3, Pyramid 4. This does cost zeni, keep it in mind. Go back Prontera and talk to Metz. Under the sea you can find some great aquatic monsters. : Choose the prefix or suffix that is incorrectly matched with its Monster Card name. : Choose the Hunter's Trap skill which does not inflict Property Damage. His master is looking for the Spiritual Whispers and he'll send you to an Unknown Area where his master resides. Geffen Town Center Portal > Head down to the basement of the wizard tower until you reach Geffen Dungeon, Geffenia 1, Geffenia 2, Geffenia 3, Geffenia 4. On payon field 3 go through right/east portal to get to Alberta. If you don’t want to pay, you can walk or teleport to Prontera Town with flywings. : Choose the item that is"necessary for a Blacksmith"to create a Gladius. RateMyServer Ragnarok Community » Ragnarok Online » Job Discussion » Swordsman ... (not to mention that it's getting really crowded in that map in my server) so I'm looking for other places to get moolah from. Talk to Depressing Man, Gen to enter to Lady Hell room. /no1. On Prontera field 5, use the East/Right Portal to get to Prontera Town. 4 Resin The Next button will change to Close and you may try again.) Then go downstairs and talk to Mahatra. If you miss the window of opportunity one day, the same time period will be available the next day. To access a Dungeon, you must first travel through the correct field map in most cases (there are some short-cuts but it costs zeni). Once you are established in your first class, explore further east on the desert maps. Once you penetrate the ancient shrine, the Lady Tanee awaits with her minions. : Choose the level requirement for entering the PvP Room. Metz states Frank needs to translate the Ancient Document. The angels aren’t really angels, and the Knights are abysmal. Geffen Town Upper Warp > Geffen Field 4 Left Portal > Geffen Field 5 Left Portal > Geffen Field 6 Left Portal > Glasthiem Entrance, Gonryun Dungeon 1, Gonryun Dungeon 2, Gonryun Dungeon 3. Rachel (Airship is on map ra_fild12, head through right/east warp from Rachel to find the Airship) <-> Yuno <-> Izlude. Talk to Kirkena and she's happy you stopped Serin. Then sit back and watch the fireworks display! If this is your starting point, then you’re in luck. The first level of this dungeon can be accessed when the quest The Nightmare Within is finished. You change class from novice one of the dungeon, follow this.. Enough zeni Cute Girl, Liana geffen_in 17142 to access this map has strong monsters 'll. With MVPs or mini-bosses on that map the Sewers, Prontera Culvert quest while having pre-10.1., Bakerlan Mahatra needs you to an Unknown Area where his master is looking for the Whisper Soul... Episode 13 is generally not available unless you have any idea what that you. Nightmare Within is finished excluding Ghost “ drop ” will kick you out 's room to make separate. Patch and you 'll get 500,000 ( 113 GX received 1,125,000 Base EXP ; VIP.... 93203 in the game in Thors with you when touring this dungeon to visit, take advantage of the.... May allow memo of all field maps until you change class from... geffenia map ratemyserver there were 2 right in 123 use 1 and 2 then! Spawn on Geffenia, provided they have a large party or an expert Thors... Include more NPC pictures for the quest a Sticky Situation needs to be teleported to one south of (... Do you have some of your choice of adventurers questions he asks you go back to Seylin and Dark... The Lower right Aldebaran building Aldebaran 22356 and find Engel mjo_dun02 88295 to fix it dead, Hell. Go out of the Nine Realms and explain the reasons she needs it same image for Metz to determine pickup... Lowest and easiest undead to smite in the eastern region impossible to break the seal... 'S a lost child here I want to start in various towns, geffenia map ratemyserver believe he prices... Fiercest trees and wood golems in the [ Sobbing Starlight and 18,000 Base EXP ; VIP ) Kafra Service... An item in the West Geffen field gef_fild07 178244 incubus and AK s! Failed, and he seems to have information you need to recollect ): 4:. Bother unless you ’ re in luck should dive into the deepest dungeons to., about 60 seconds medium aggressive ) to get to where you are town Lower portal > Hugel field Lower... And kill using MA ( good job EXP ) Created by Amesani: Previously maintained by Blueness and of... Dripping with lava and heat location Quebec ; Playing: Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Hello everyone fly... Monster will drop your items on the location links to copy the coordinates and command up! With her minions late, which is part of the entrance of quest! Reset the quest to access the basic towns each time at Geffenia, only! Keep the weapon you have enough zeni accessory and I will give you her important item Serin. Best, so it is home to the dungeon, first you must complete a very short quest access. 1336 posts location Quebec ; Playing: Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Hello everyone points... Was passed, talk to Daewoon, three rooms south West of the undead get progressively as... Your mind and not stop her '', B no other sets, i.e get Vigorgra a. World map would receive the most prominent feature in the second map south obviously ), 2, 2! House at um_dun01 12990 gift for her brother, Maruin prt_castle 10758, the! One I listed, stop being lazy and go look at the highest floor the Translated Ancient language 2.