• Many thanks for the interview. I enjoyed doing it with you. I hope your readers get a good insight as to how blogging can serve their needs as a part of their business platform.


  • I did love learning a little bit more about you in this interview. I am going to have to look up intuitive consultant. I liked the way you stated that “working on line in some manner seemed to be the most promising and universal approach to take” it’s the same for me.
    I really liked that you mentioned blogging communities, as you and I belong to a great one.
    This statement really stood out for me ” I am in the business of improving the lives of each person who visit’s my blog.” How wonderful.
    This I thought was very important. “You need to
    have a funnel in place to move them through if there’s any chance at all of being able to convert them into a subscriber or buyer.”
    Great interview!

  • Hi Uttoran,

    Thank you for commenting here. It is much appreciated.


  • Hi my friend,

    This is why I too love interviews…we learn more about each other.

    Yes, blogging communities are a must and we do belong to the same one that rocks don’t we?

    Yes, I am in that business of improving the lives of each person that visits my blog. That gives me incentive to keep on going. And when it comes to having a funnel in place..that is a must have!

    Thanks so much, Donna

  • Nice to meet you Donna, what a great blog and so many comments you have on your blog, so many readers.
    Thank you again for this wonderful interview 😉

  • Nice to meet you too.

    I was happy to do this interview and it is always great to meet new people. Yes, I do have many comments on my blog and the connections made there are wonderful.


  • Congratulations for being interviewed on this excellent site, Donna. Enjoyed reading your replies.

  • I’ve followed Donna for a few years now. Even though I’ve blogged for 10+ years I needed help building an income online. I’ve gained valuable information and advice from her to take my blog and other online business activities to a new level.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.


  • Hi Sue,

    Funny how long we have known each other. Gosh Time flies doesn’t it. It is so great that you have gained information to take your blog and your other online business to a higher level.


  • Hi Donna. Congrats – loved this interview.

    As always you shared some the great advice.

    Setting up our blogs as value driven sales funnels from day 1 is something I wish I had done when I first started blogging.

    Awesome information indeed Donna

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  • Great Post indeed..! It’s amazing to read Donna’s interview. The way she writes and explains each and everything is just incredible. she is a great inspiration and I personally admire her a lot, Thanks for this share.

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