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Should I just blog on Facebook?

Posted By cendrinemedia on Blogging - The other day, a reader asked me the following question in an email: "Now that Facebook has revamped its Notes, should I abandon my blog and just publish complete posts there?" I have seen this question on social networks and in blog posts. So, he is not the only small business owner who is unsure of what to do.



I prefer to just blog on my personal blog rather than blogging on Facebook, I would rather use Facebook just to bring targeted traffic that will visit and revisit my blog, I dont think blogs on Facebook will have the importance as blogs have, as many posts on Facebook are just spam and unreal news. Im I right?


Hi Cendrine, I agree to your point which you mentioned in the post. Whatever we publish on our sites is owned by us provided we have a self-hosted blog. Social media accounts, status, notes, likes, comments and almost anything can be considered temporary as we have no control over it. The giants can delete or disable anything that they want to. I like your advice of curating or tweaking the articles and re-purposing it. Thanks for sharing. Rohan.

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