• Thanks Atish for sharing Linda’s article here at AmplifyBlog[dot]com.

    I totally agree to her. Blogging has changed me and helped me so much in my personal development. I feel I’ve become a better person that I was before. My writing skills have drastically improved. Blogging is a blessing in disguise.

    I believe blogging is one of the most unrewarding business model on the internet, but once you’re established as an expert or pro; sky is the limit.


  • Blogging is truly a blessing for me, apart for making some extra cash, it also helping me to improve my English writing skills so I can be ready for the University exams ( I study English literature in the university in italy) so its a win win situation for me I truly love it! But lately I havnt been on it because of exams and personal problems, but Im back to the game now 🙂

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