• Hi Cent,

    I like the infographics which you have shared. I am not much into affiliates and reviews. But I find all the bloggers advice very interesting especially Pat’s and Enstine’s.

    Thanks you for sharing.


    P.S. Could not drop a comment at your blog. I guess you’ve closed the comments thread already.

  • Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the Infographic. Yes the comments are closed after 30 days – trying a few tricks to stop the spammers.


  • Hi Rohan,

    These people making cool cash are the perfect picture of who and where I want to be, they remind me that it is possible and I’m encouraged. Thank you for sharing these vital lessons, ultimately we all want to generate income from our blog and you’ve just shown us multiple ways by which we can achieve that.

    The infographics is cool, clear and catchy as always

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