• You may listed some of known persons to you, however there are even more great bloggers that won’t reveal in public. Thanks for the bloggers that really helping to newbies, however these newbies are getting bored with page rank update.

  • Looking at this Infographic, one thing comes to mind. The reason why people will visit any blog or website early in the morning, and keep coming back several times during the day, is because the particular blog or website has a lot of value to them

    Bloggers need to stop thinking about what is of value to them, and write about what is of value to their readers. The readers are the reason why you start a blog anyway. It means taking a step back from yourself, and thinking like one of your readers.

    What is of value to your readers? Is it the online contests? Useful information? The humor you provide? If you want to tell readers about how you spent your weekend, then make sure that it will have value to them.

    I agree with the tips shown in this Infographic. They are all aimed at providing value to the reader and not massage the writer’s ego.

    Kudos and thanks for the wonderful tips.

  • I love infographics and this one did not disappoint, very straightforward and to the point.

    To the article itself, I found myself nodding throughout the article, this is such a collection of blogging truths by the veterans who knows what works. I particularly like that part about having a posting schedule. Yes, consistency is valuable in this business and I’m looking forward to forging a routine myself.

    I will be bookmarking this page because I feel all the tips need to be implemented either now or later.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece

  • Thanks for the awesome comment. I love it when someone says “bookmark it”.


  • Thanks for the awesome feedback and detailed comment. You hit the nail on the head – VALUE.

    Cheers, Cent

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