• I didn’t know stumbleupon have so many users to start with not to talk of the enormous traffic generation potentials that you’ve so clearly pointed out.

    I have to thank you for pointing out another social media newbies like me can explore to increase traffic on our sites and to our contents.

    I don’t have a Stumbleupon account yet but I’m surely going to start exploring right away

  • Great to hear you found the content useful. Awesome to hear you are takin action.

    Cheers, Cent

  • Don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing new and I think that getting traffic on blogging niche is pretty difficult, so if you have something new or proven experience then share with us!!

  • So far this post has been shared in SocialMediaToday close to 800 times and SocialMediaToday is a page rank 6 authority site.


    The infographic may not suit everyone as the post clearly says but it is useful for people not utilizing SU or don’t know how to get the best out of it.

  • Hi Cent,

    I absolutely love the infographic design. I was introduced to StumbleUpon by a blogger friend and I find it very useful for driving traffic. Ever since I started using it, my blog traffic got multiplied every time me or someone else submitted my posts.

    Yes, a lot of marketing experts claim that StumbleUpon can be reason for high bounce rate of your site. This is the reason why I prefer submitting my links occasionally and not always.

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Cent, I can assure you that the infographic was helpful for me. I don’t use StumbleUpon frequently.

    A quick question — Isn’t PageRank dead already?

  • Hi Rohan,
    Great to hear you liked the infographic design. You make a very good point of not submitting all posts to SU if bounce rate is a concern. Thanks for the comment and upvote.
    Cheers, Cent

  • I was merely trying to make a point about the authority of SMT.

    Cheers, Cent

  • Thanks Uttoran Sen. I liked your interview on BloggingPro.com.

    Cheers, Cent

  • Hi Uttoran, Could you please share a post or some article somewhere which educates more about “Paid StumbleUpon Credits”?

    I’m new to SU and I’m completely unaware of that.


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