• Hi Dan,

    What a wonderful infographic. from QuickSprout, Neil Patel’s site. I have pined and tweeted your site.
    You have a wonderful night and day ahead!


  • Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the Pin, Tweet and comment.


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    I’m using it myself for more than 7 months now, and I’ve gained unparalleled results both in the form of followers and revenue. It lets me schedule as many Pins as I want, and it also intelligently pins only images related to my business. It learns this every time as I keep using it. PinPinterest is free to use, based on the cloud, has a mobile ready website, works on Intelligent algorithms and sets up quick.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thank you for adding another tool for Pinterest, will look into it and see how it works …

      – Praveen

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