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Dreamforce is by far the largest event of the year here at G2 Crowd. I spend nearly six months, half my budget and many sleepless nights ensuring that we get the most out of our investment and have a more successful Dreamforce than the year before.

I learn new lessons every year that have helped me stay sane and triple the size of our presence year over year. Now that I have had a couple of weeks to recover, I’d like to share some tips for those that are planning on sponsoring or even attending the event.

My best tips for a successful Dreamforce

  • Arrive early. Every year vendors show up on the last day of setup to begin testing the internet and TV screens, and make sure that they have room for all of their swag. Don’t be the guy that is asking Freeman or ShowNets to fix everything an hour before expo opens. Typically, I show up three days before to meet the expo hall staff, get to know them better and ask them to help me get everything set up correctly. This has helped me countless times when I’ve had to depend on them in an emergency.
  • Book your hotel and register your team MONTHS out. Hotels book up quickly and can easily cost upwards of $800 per night if you wait until the month before to get a reservation. Those are some details you don’t want to worry about when you’re heading toward the finish line.
  • Choose your team carefully. You’ll want to bring the entire company, but airfare and hotel costs can add up quickly. Focus on bringing charismatic people who will help you maximize your investment in the conference. Consider hiring temps to help bring people into the booth so that your A-team can concentrate on demos, pitches and more.
  • Think beyond your booth. There are a ton of off-site events happening in the city at the same time as the conference. Register for networking parties and dinners, and show up — more business can get done after hours than on the show floor. We have seen a lot of success in hosting dinners and happy hours during Dreamforce.
  • It’s all about the swag. There are a lot of booths, a lot of noise and a ton of people on the expo floor. Think outside the box and spend that extra cash to get something flashy that will make you stand out and help spread your branding. Our crowd favorite this year: light-up bouncy balls.
  • Consider running a contest or promotion beyond just a giveaway.  Visitors can earn bonus items by sharing about you on social media or getting spotted with your swag, and they’ll help spread your message and brand throughout the event venues.
  • The last word of advice I can give to anyone that is running the show: Get some comfortable shoes. Every year, I am on my feet for seven days straight and my tennies (and gel insoles) have saved my legs, feet and lower back.

Now that Dreamforce is over, it’s time to start planning for next year! I hope to see everyone out at Dreamforce 2018, September 25–28. Looks like I’m already behind on planning …

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