• Hi Cent,

    Thanks for sharing this. I find slideshare very effective when it comes to content repurposing. Also I’ve used prezi, I like the animations which we can apply in the slides.

    Infographics too are a great way to make content easily digestible. Visme is a good tool, but its paid features are more better. I’m even using that tool to create my e-book.

    Enjoyed reading. Have a nice weekend.


  • Thanks Rohan. Appreciate your comment and thoughts. Awesome to hear you are using Visme for your eBook. Have a good one.


  • Cent, I’m always eager to read your articles because I know you deliver the best. Your contents are great, informative and educative and putting your always perfect infographics into the mix, everything is just great.

    Content is why we are all on the Web, it’s central to every of our activities and plays vital roles in our success as bloggers. I like this tactic of repurposing content to increase reach, gain fresh followership and to remain on top of one’s game.

    You’ve covered the topic very well and I’ll be applying this tactics myself.

  • Thanks for the awesome feedback. I love your comments by the way – very detailed. Great to hear you enjoyed the post and you are using these content repurposing tactics.


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