• Deborah, I had absolutely no idea that Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be used to efficiently and effectively track down things as per content performance, you’ve done a really great and I must say that I’ve been schooled in a very good way.

    Now, about the USP issue, I gotta have one myself, now that I’ve seen how effective this can be and you’ve supplied a thorough guide to follow, I’m already thinking of one and I’m sure going to start using every knowledge you shared.


  • Interesting post in theory, Deborah. I like the idea of establishing a measurable USP to help track your progress over a period of time. To add value in your post, I suggest that you create multiple Twitter accounts and use Buffer’s Power Schedule feature so you can spread the word about your post and other people can share it on their own accounts as well. This tactic has worked wonders for me as far as raising my social shares are concerned!

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