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No human resources assistant, manager or coordinator performs only one role. Titles of their various jobs could be rewritten as hiring manager, payroll coordinator, guardian of all documents, firefighter (metaphorically) and more.

The idea of accomplishing these feats manually is nightmarish. To have to file job applications, or keep a folder for insurance paperwork, or develop paychecks for a large company — any one of these duties would add hours to an HR professional’s day.

HR software, in its various forms, has been proven to reduce the errors and headaches associated with managing an organization’s human side. These tools can be used to find and hire the right talent, as well as administer benefits, among other solutions.

Human resources software has been used to help even professional baseball teams remain compliant with state tax laws and regulations. A case study completed by Sentric details how the Pittsburgh Pirates benefit from their HR software, using it to tax baseball players in compliance with the differing laws of the various states where they play each season.

“Offering both INDUSTRY EXPERTISE and DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE, Sentric allowed the Pittsburgh Pirates payroll department to automate some of its procedures by incorporating existing payroll data into the process to save both time and improve accuracy,” reads the case study. “As a result, working with Sentric helped ease the burden on payroll administrator, Laura Kallop, allowing her to concentrate efforts on other aspects of her job.”

The benefits don’t stop there. G2 Crowd’s HR Software parent category features upwards of 750 products, with verified users offering insights into the different ways HR solutions have helped them solve business problems.

The HR category is divided up into four sub-categories known as HR Management Suites, Talent Management, Core HR and Benefits Administration. This blog dives into a few of the most-reviewed products in each category, highlighting the various benefits and business problems solved.

Types of HR Software + Problems Solved

HR management suites

HR Management Suites include functionality across all aspects of recruiting and human resource management. These products often offer separate modules for each element of HR management, including recruiting, training e-learning, core HR and more, which can be purchased as needed and work together to provide an inclusive HR solution.

ADP Workforce Now HR Software

ADP Workforce Now is an HR management suite that can accomplish payroll and tax, HR, time and labor and benefits and ACA. It can help you screen and hire applicants, and provide reports on both time- and cost-to-hire.

“The accessibility to all necessary supervising functions makes Workforce Now a great tool for taking care of daily things such as payroll, PTOs, employee notes, etc. Having candid visibility is something that should not be taken for granted — ADP truly delivers on all of our business needs in the promised fields.”
— An ADP Workforce Now review

Ultipro HR Software

Ultipro claims to unite all aspects of HR, payroll and talent management. It has customer stories and case studies for companies, including Applebee’s and Alyeska resorts, and is utilized in manufacturing, retail and wholesale and restaurant industries.

“We are solving issues such as: overtime abuse; going from a paper environment to a paperless environment; improving the tracking of attorney bar information; and finally, understanding staffing issues in our offices. The benefits we have realized have included: electronic file feeds for our employee benefits; paperless paychecks and open enrollment, to name just some of the benefits we have accomplished.”
— An Ultipro review

“The biggest business problem that UltiPro has assisted with is providing a real-time tool for employees to use to keep track of goals they have been assigned and create their own comments as they go. I think this really helps employees to understand where they stand with the team and the company and results in minimal surprises come review time.”
— An Ultipro review

Talent management

Talent management software covers a wide array of tasks relating to oversight of a workforce. Because the needs of employees are so diverse, talent management software can range from training software to compensation management software. In addition, it includes recruiting software like applicant tracking systems and pre-employment screening software, as these are the tools an organization uses to bring in talent. (Read more here.)

Talent management breaks down further into four more subcategories: recruiting, training elearning, performance management and employee engagement. These subcategories show that, even within a smaller sect of HR tools, we can delineate further and specify functionality.

LinkedIn Talent HR Software

LinkedIn Talent is a recruiting tool. It helps users take advantage of the growing network of professionals that already exists on LinkedIn. With it, companies can post job opportunities and source for talent.

“I am solving the issue of connecting with other people of my demographic who are also in the same business; I have connected with many people my age and younger and have had a few beneficial business relationships over the time that I first signed up for LinkedIn.”
— A LinkedIn Talent review

“Recruiting Top Tech Talents. LinkedIn Talent has a lot of ideal candidates, making our recruiting process a dream come true. Getting 1–10 percent top candidates is every recruiting company’s priority, and this talent tool has made it easy to get multiple pipelines with this percentage range of top candidates.”
— A LinkedIn Talent review

Qualtrics HR Software

Qualtrics Employee Insights falls under the employee engagement umbrella. It allows organizations to gather transparent feedback from team members. It creates surveys and then generates them into reports, allowing companies to understand the data compiled on a grander scale.

“We are, like most I except, primarily using it to conduct surveys that are crucial to our business and understanding our students and faculty, and other stakeholders… We have put in intelligent systems that automatically notify staff when there is a problem mentioned on a survey, and also combine and host all the data and reporting associated with each survey.”
— A Qualtrics Employee Insights review

Core HR

Core HR software offers human resource teams a centralized database through which employee data can be accessed and maintained.

BambooHR HR Software

BambooHR is a core HR tool that offers functionality for HR employee database management. It helps ensure information is compliant and updated. It tracks employee data and organizes it in a simple, searchable format.

“For me, the ATS has paid for itself already in my stress-level. It allows me to focus and be more strategic instead of worrying about updating spreadsheets and doing so many things manually. It’s clean, intuitive, and has the best customer service.”
— A BambooHR review

“We’re solving the problem of how to securely store sensitive personnel information for both current and past employees, and how to make sure that our personnel records are complete. We’re also solving the problem of how to make sure each employee is receiving adequate feedback and setting goals to maximize their productivity. As a team that is spread out across three continents, BambooHR helps to centralize everything and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.”
— A BambooHR review

Justworks HR Software

Justworks wants to help your business thrive. It’s a trusted storage space for company documents. It allows administrators to set permissions to increase the security necessary for such sensitive documentation.

“We manage our health care benefits and payroll through Justworks. We’ve realized it’s incredibly convenient to see the calendar on the dashboard which helps us manage our cashflow. We also really like the email updates for various parts of the payroll process; the emails keep my team in the loop about expenses and make sure we all know what our HR costs are.”
— A Justworks review

Benefits administration

Benefits Administration software lets employees choose from benefit plans provided by their employers using a dedicated employee portal and allows HR managers to organize the plans they offer with a benefits dashboards.

Benefitfocus HR Software

Benefitfocus helps employers deliver benefits to their employees in efficient, trusted ways. It helps employers create their benefits packages, the specifics of which often play a large role in whether prospective hires accept a position.

“The main purpose we had when switching platforms to Benefitfocus was to enhance the employee experience. The goal was to make the benefit enrollment experience as simple as possible — provide resources all in one place while taking out additional complexity that did not need to be there. Benefits can be hard enough for employees to understand without having to add in additional technology complexity.”
— A Benefitfocus review

Zenefits HR Software

Zenefits is another benefits tool that helps employees understand exactly what quality care they’re getting from their employer. Companies can choose from medical, dental and vision, to life and disability, to commuter benefits and more.

“I love the fact that my employees know what benefits they are eligible for and are reminded repeatedly that they need to act or lose their eligibility, without this falling solely on MY shoulders. This has been immensely helpful, as well as the the ability to see at a glance who has what benefits, and what their cost is.”
— A Zenefits review

The aforementioned reviews and products outline only a few of the ways HR tools are changing company culture. To understand the plethora of remaining business problems HR software can help resolve, read more verified user reviews on the category page.

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