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Webinar software can be a large commitment, especially because it’s typically used to communicate to large audiences. While web conferencing and VoIP products are used for 1:1 conversations or team meetings, webinars consist of one speaker or administrator communicating to a large audience.

Nothing is more embarrassing for a webinar coordinator than having glitchy service during a large-scale presentation. You want to be sure you have the right tool for your needs, that it’s scalable to your audience size and that it’s reliable.

That being said, it’s possible you don’t want to take the plunge without understanding how a particular tool will benefit your organization. The following webinar tools that are each listed on G2 Crowd provide you with a free trial, helping you make an informed decision over time.

Please note: Data as of Nov. 13, 2017.

5 Best Free Webinar Software Options


GoToWebinar 5 Best Free Webinar Software Options

GoToWebinar is a web conferencing and webinar solution built for larger-scale webinars. The product’s G2 Crowd profile displays 4.1 out of 5 stars with 283 reviews. Users have reviewed it as simple to set up and having robust reporting options.

“You can either duplicate an existing webinar, or start from scratch, and the UI basically walks you through everything — with a few exceptions,” wrote Laura K. in their GoToWebinar review. “When running a webinar, there are options for chatting, polls, answering questions, and providing handouts, as well as the ability to selectively mute and unmute users.”

Users are driving business demand with this product, as well as generating leads. With GoToWebinar, communication is clear, as administrators are able to send out invitations to meetings or conversations. This ensures all parties are in the same digital room at the right time.

GoToWebinar offers a free trial for seven days wherein users can host up to 10 attendees. Pricing goes up depending on number of participants and users are billed annually.

GoToWebinar features: Email Automation, Custom Branding, Live Simulations, Audience Interaction, Video Sharing, Mobile Support, Recording, Lead Management, Multiple Presenters, Analytics, Handouts, and more

GoToWebinar pricing: Free for 10 days, $89/month for 100 participants, $199/month for 500 participants, $429/month for 2000 participants. Read details here.

GoToWebinar integrations: Marketing platforms, CRM software; read more on its integration marketplace.

WebEx Webinar

Webex 5 Best Free Webinar Software Options

Cisco WebEx Webinar software’s profile displays 4.2 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews. The product allows you to loop in contacts by having them enter their phone number to receive a call. This eliminates a viewer’s need to have an access code or invitation. It also helps you secure contact information.

“The integration with Outlook is the best feature for me, as I can use the add-in tool to organise meetings and host WebEx conferences easily with the click of a button,” wrote an anonymous user in their WebEx Webinar review. “The information is self-generated meaning all I have to do is invite the attendees and they will all see the relevant information to join the conference call in their email automatically.”

WebEx Webinar does offer users a free trial, although it’s unclear how long the trial lasts. It’s also unclear how many attendees are allowed for those running webinars with the free trial. Those interested can visit the WebEx trial page to sign up for learn more.

WebEx Webinar features: HD Video, Screen Sharing, In-app voice, Record Meetings, Brainstorm Tools, Admin Controls, Video Calling, Messaging with File Sharing and more

WebEx Webinar pricing: Pricing differs whether a user wishes to pay annually or monthly. Annually, fees are $19/month for up to 8 people, $29 per month for up to 25 people, and $39/month for up to 200 people. For month to month rates, check out their pricing page.

WebEx Webinar integrations: ZenDesk, Github, Zapier; more upon request.


ON24 5 Best Free Webinar Software Options

ON24 is a webinar tool that provides webcasting and virtual, corporate environments. The product’s profile displays 4.3 out of 5 stars and 107 reviews.

“ON24 looks really great from a viewer’s perspective,” wrote Tim B. in his ON24 review. “I like how it automates the recording of all webinars and creates a tidy video for on demand. It also has a really great integration with Marketo, which is important for what we were using it. I also felt it reliably hosted videos, and I never really had a problem with the product not working. Also, the support is exceptional! I always got a quick and helpful response.”

Other users have mentioned ON24’s broadcasting feature, as well as its customizable widgets. One user recommends those considering ON24 take advantage of the community practices provided.

This product offers a 30-day free trial with up to 40 attendees for one event. It also offers training and documentation so users can know they’re utilizing the tool correctly even in a trial run.

ON24 features: Branding, Engagement Tools, Easy Access, Presentation Tools, Analytics, Lead Capture, Archive

ON24 pricing: Available upon request

ON24 integrations: Most marketing automation and CRM systems

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect 5 Best Free Webinar Software Options

Adobe Connect is another multi-usage tool, categorized in webinar, web conferencing and presentation. The product’s profile displays 4 out of 5 stars with 127 reviews. The product is ripe with features, including personal digital offices and mobile learning across devices.

“I love that Adobe Connect provides a portal where many individuals across the world can phone into a conference regardless of location or time zone,” wrote Anissa H. in their Adobe Connect review. “It provides opportunity for the collaboration needed for online organizations.”

One Adobe Connect user also mentions how easy it is to quickly load videos, saying they experience fewer glitches with Adobe Connect than they do with other video chat tools. This product offers a free trial where users can host meetings with up to 25 participants for 30 days.

Adobe Connect features: Mobile Access, Screen/Document Sharing, Polls, Q&A, Chat, Notes, Whiteboard, Emoticons, Customizable Layouts, Share Rich Media, Audio Integration/VoIP, Meeting Rooms, Multiple Hosts, Backstage Area, Recordings, Reporting and Administration, Central Content Library, Complete Branding and Customization, Custom Domain Name for Organization, Event Promotion and Registration, Lead Management and Analytics, Engagement Dashboard and Analytics

Adobe Connect pricing: Adobe Connect Webinars start at $130/month for 100 participants. It scales up to $470/month for up to 500 participants, and costs $580/month for up to 1,000 participants. For more pricing information visit its pricing page.

Adobe Connect integrations: VoIP products, learning management systems; more upon request.


ClickMeeting 5 Best Free Webinar Software Options

ClickMeeting is a webinar and web conferencing solution with a profile displaying 4.2 out of 5 stars and 12 reviews. The product has features such as an interactive whiteboard and desktop sharing.

“ClickMeeting can stream uploaded video content or youtube videos,” wrote an anonymous user in their ClickMeeting review. “It is easy to use. Almost always a live chat option with a customer support rep.”

ClickMeeting offers users a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Further details are available upon request.

ClickMeeting features: Add-ons, Webinar Timeline, Webinar Rebranding, Address Book, Customized Invitations, Registration Page, Profile Page, Waiting Room With Agenda, Webinar Room, Audio and Video, Presentation, Whiteboard, Audio Modes, Screen Sharing, Polls and Surveys, Simultaneous Chat Translation, Moderated Q&A and Private Chat, Toll-Free Phone Numbers, ClickMeeting Mobile Application, Online Meetings, Webinar and Attendee Statistics, Webinar Recording, Webinar Storage, Thank-You Page, Social Media Sharing, Performance Rating

ClickMeeting pricing: $25/month for up to 25 employees, $35/month for up to 50 employees, $165/month for 500-5000 employees. Product has other pricing options for those with audience sizes in between. Explore the pricing page for more information.

ClickMeeting integrations: Popular integrations include Adobe, iWork, Dropbox, Facebook, flickr, GetResponse, Google Calendar, Hubspot and LinkedIn. To explore integrations further, visit its integrations and apps page.

Webinars are great ways to get face time with an audience who would otherwise be anonymous or impersonal. Utilizing a quality tool will make a positive impression on your customer base and perhaps even help you gain more clientele.

Before landing on a webinar tool, take advantage of these free trial versions. They’ll help you understand what you like and don’t like, and encourage a more informed decision in the end.

Beyond free webinar tools

An easy way to promote your webinar is through email marketing software. Here are 10 tips for creating successful email newsletter campaigns.

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