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  • Hello Erik,

    These are some really great tips for the newbies in the world of blogging.
    Frankly speaking, I just started this job and firstly I thought this was some
    easy game to carry up on.
    Gradually I came to know, how to really manage our sites and blogs.
    People hate when we are trying to grab something, from other well known, bloggers.

    This post hit me hard, you mentioned some of the mistakes, that I too was
    repeating continuously.
    Thanks for a wake up call 🙂

    Plagiarism, is something every ones hates, and why shouldn’t they,
    some one copying your blog and keep on posting it. Such a pain that would create
    to every one.
    Nobody wants that their concepts are utilized by some one else.
    It’s better to stick to our selves and keep a faith, rather than copying some one’s else texts.

    Thank you for sharing this among us.
    Shantanu sinha

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