• Very informative piece, the no 25 point is the most prevailing among the young bloggers, most of them are just too lazy to write and figure out their own stories. They prefer instead to copy and paste from someone else’s work, and the most annoying part is that they won’t give credit to the original poster. It ones happened to me, I stumbled on one of my works in a certain site, I was so shocked and then I read through to see if the blog owner gave credit to me but unfortunately the blogger didn’t. I had to threaten to report him to google before he took off the post.

  • Agreed. Some people even rip off infographics with no credit. I asked 1 guy politely add a link back and all I got was a no-follow link for the hard work 🙁

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully with infographics like these we can educate new bloggers.

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