• Thanks Cent for sharing another neatly designed Infographic. Which tool do you use to make these Infographics?

    I do a monthly expert round up at my blog; the social shares on these roundups bring a lot of traffic and shares. I prefer including tweetables in all my posts.

    I like your advice about interviewing top bloggers in our niche. I should try doing this at my blog.


  • I guess the comment section is already closed.

  • Yes Rohan the comments are closed & trying to stay on top of spam. Great to hear you liked the tips and getting results too.

    Thanks for the awesome feedback.

    Cheers, Cent

  • Uttoran, The post was submitted here on AmplifyBlog 2 days ago, so I thought it was a new post on Cent’s blog. Now, I see why the comments section is closed.

    I look forward to read the interviews. 🙂 GL


  • Hey Cent, I asked you about the tool or service you use to create those infographics… Would you mind sharing the name or link if possible?

    If not, no worries! I understand it’s your secret sauce. 🙂


  • Hi Rohan,

    I had outsourced the design work for this infographic. I also offer an infographic creation service. Let me know if you are interested.

    Cheers, Cent

  • This is an amazingly made Infographic wish I could be able to make one myself I really want to learn how to make one:) Because its enjoyable to read an infographic with designs and colourful stuff:)

    And yeah social sharing is a killer ways to get targeted traffic and I think to ask your readers in the end of the article something like: What are your toughts? drop a comment.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article and do have a nice day! 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the infographic.

    Cheers, Cent

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