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Comic Sans. A not so humble text font was created to replenish the humorous tone of the comic book speech bubbles for Microsoft word. The font has a good number of haters. People produce a good number of Comic Sans Meme as part of their revolution against using it.


But why? Why does this childlike, regular looking average guy; oops! the font is considered to be an ostracized outcast of the text society?

You see…

  • As mentioned earlier, comic sans, the font was meant for the casual tone enhancement of the comics.


  • The soaring popularity of the font eventually crossed the likings of the primary school kids and affected, well, their grown-ups as well!
  • So bad, that this font was even used to notify any severe matter to the people.
  • Yes, we are talking about the serious matters of church, offices, hospitals, police stations, bars, surgeries, food wrappers, restroom signs and what not?
  • Slowly, the font became a viral annoyance in the lives of the people, so much that they started a digital protest against the existence of this very font. People began creating angry comic sans meme.
  • All fonts have a purpose and personality. You can’t use Times New Roman, a formal font for inviting over people for your house party. Similarly, the comic sans font should not be used to prescribe a brain surgery by a doctor.


  • The ideal use of this casual font is justified when you are dealing with a kid
  • Designing or writing within the speech bubble

Below are best hilarious comic sans meme that will educate you on this rage of the netizens:

1. Whatever you ask about it, the answer is a clear NO!


2. Comic Sans is not everybody’s cup of tea, in fact, no one’s!


3. Hatred for comic sans just got a bit more serious!


4. Comic sans can never be sane, I repeat, never!


5. Life is hard, comic sans makes it harder!


6. Comic Sans? The door to get lost is that way!


7. Comic Sans? Really? How about a lollipop?


8. Hold on to your thought of comic sans, while I bring something to kill you!


9. It’s official! Comic sans is the official useless font of all times!


10. Comic Sans is an introvert, does not mix up with anything at all!


Comic sans, the annoying font, thus, shall hereby be declared as a worthless one, banishing all the thoughts of using it for any purpose, unless there are juveniles involved. This decree is to be followed by each and every person under the Sun to avoid its insensitive approach to the sanity of people.

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