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Best video creation toolsWhat if you could boost your sales or offer  by 50%?

How? Video Content Marketing  is the answer… Videos have become an integral part of the content marketing today as we saw content marketing mature from social media and blogs to visual, meaning, video and infographics. One cannot ignore YouTube’s (a Google product) popularity. YouTube  is the second most popular search engine, with more than three million searches being made each month. This is crazy: Also see the following graph from, you can see that videos have a big impact on website traffic.


How a good quality video can increase your conversion rates?

  • People prefer to watch rather read. Visual content is more appealing today.
  • Adding a Video to your page, increases the length of time people stay on your site, thus reducing bounce rate and thus improving your SEO rank as well.
  • A well crafted video gives a good image of your company and thus increase trust factor significantly. Also great for branding as well.


The challenge for a small business firm is, how to create professional quality video content?

What you need is a do-it-yourself rapid business video content production tool that can create powerful videos that instantly grabs visitor’s attention, engages them and builds trust. Thanks to following video creation tools, now you can create high quality videos  with no technical skills. You should be able to produce highly engaging videos, and at affordable prices.

VideoMakerFx Review- The Most powerful video maker tool

Videomakerfx reviewThis is the best video maker software in the market. You can create professional quality with this powerful Video Creation Software. A user friendly video creator tool, VideoMakerFX is ideal for for Marketers and small Business owners who have minimal technical skills. You can master it and get started in a matter of few hours. With the help of high quality background images(static as well as animated) and royalty free music, you can make create awesome videos. But wait – there’s more. Here are the different types of traffic pulling videos you can create using videomakerfx.

  • Product Promotion Videos
  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Amazon Product Review Videos
  • Offline Business Promotion Videos
  • Videos From Text Articles
  • EXPRESS Video Sales Letters
  • Business Presentation Style Videos
  • Amazing Photo Slideshows
  • Logo Intros & Stingers

And following popular video styles can be created

  • Whiteboard Style Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Videos with Kinetic Typography effects
  • Lower Third texts
  • EXPRESS Video Sales Letters
  • Presentation Style Videos
  • High quality Photo Slideshows
  • Logo Intros
  • Animation Effects

VideoMakerFX Demo Videos

Let us see some demo videos so that you can get an idea what videos you can create using this tool:

WhiteBoard video Demo Whiteboard videos are very popular nowadays. You can create explainer videos or a company profile video using this type of video:

An engaging Explainer Video:

High quality photo Slideshow video Demo You can create traveler slideshow videos, wedding slideshow video, photography slideshow video, family event slideshows, church events slideshow, school events slideshows etc. For example, for a traveler blog, you can make use of those nice vacation pictures and create great slideshow videos with nice captions, transitions and excellent music tracks. Upload and Share it in facebook, youtube to make it popular. Helps boost for your blog traffic as well. Keeps audience engaged. How can you beat that? For example, you can create following types of videos using this tool. Create a wedding video using those nice wedding photos Create a recipe video using recipe photos for your recipe blog Create an affiliate product video using product images and some nice caption for your mommy blog. You see..  You have plenty of options.

Express Video Sales Letter (VSL video) Create EXPRESS Video Sales Letters or VSL videos for your website. Marketers need this type of videos:  

A nice presentation video using good text effects and good music: This type of  video is perfect for corporate websites who need a nice video in home page. We’re not through yet.. Videos for professonals Professionals  – Lawyers, plumbers, doctors.. who have websites, can create  great intro videos for their websites that explain their services. So VideoMakerFX is a sure recommendation.  This is the most popular video creation tool.  This tool makes lot of sense for small business owners and marketers who want to create engaging videos in minimal time.

Grab a Copy of VideoMakerFx 

Create engaging marketing videos using WAVE

Wave is another smart online video maker to create engaging marketing and social videos within minutes. Best part is,once you have created your video, you can export the same video for popular social media platforms. For example, once you create your video you can export videos as:

  • Square videos for Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook Cover Videos
  • Vertical videos for Instagram Stories
  • Videos for mobile

2.5 million Image stock library: Stunning , high quality Images capture user attention. You can get close to 2.5 million stock images for your video. Important other features:

  • You can upload your own images or video clips or music as well.
  • Add your own text with beautiful fonts with stunning text effects.
  • Add a background music to your video thanks to 100,000 royalty-free audio clips available.

Cost : $39 per month Wave is a premium video tool and hence price starts at $39 per month. If you can afford it. then go for it. If you compare wave with ViddeoMakerFX, VideomakerFx is a windows program whereas Wave is an online tool.  

Get Wave Today 


Explaindio reviewNow: Above we saw what VideoMakerFX can do. ExplainDio is also another excellent Video Content creation tool, but is mostly used to create explainer videos, marketing videos and advertisement videos. Make ExplainDio to create 2D & 3D Animated, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Videos in Minutes. WhiteBoard sketch explainer videos are very popular now. ExplainDIO can be used to create top quality WhiteBoard sketch explainer videos. In addition, it has a vast library of stock images, 2D and 3D animations, HD background images and videos, all which you use to create a stunning video. With the help of Easy Video Creation Wizard, a beginner can create a video with minimal technical skills. In addition, to make video creation faster, it has 140+ Pre-Made Videos, Images, Doodle Objects Animations, 180+ Pre-Made Text Animation, eye pleasing transitions… All these elements can help you create an engaging video. Beginners as well as Video Creation Agencies also can benefit from this tool. It is also suited for advanced type of videos that has 3D and other special effects. Here’s a demo of videos created by users of ExplainDio:   Cost: $59 per year.

Grab your copy of ExplainDIO today.

Conclusion So, here we saw three premium video creation tools that can be used to create top quality videos. All tools are ideal for marketers and small business owners. Get inspired, take action and get started with some stunning videos today and surprise yourself. For total beginners, we recommend  Wave or VideoMakerFX , whereas for advanced type of videos with 3D and other special effects, we recommend ExplainDIO. Links




According to a report by Hubspot, 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing has been an important part of their business and 80% claimed that their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

Some of you might have started social media marketing already, that’s great.

But how do you know if you are doing the right campaign for your social media efforts? Where do you find out your social media stats for marketing?

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Best WordPress Theme ProvidersThere are so many wordpress theme providers for WordPress today that at times you are overwhelmed . So we have come up with a  list of Best Premium wordpress theme providers. Why go for a Premium Theme when you have free themes?

  • Custimization: With free themes, you can download, and install it to any site you want without limitations. However, free themes have a catch. First is the level of customization. Free themes doesn’t have those template builders or WYSIWYG editors found mostly in premium themes.
  • Support: Another reason to choose premium themes is that they have a cleaner code with better features. They also come with proper support and documentation to help you just in case something doesn’t work. Free themes don’t have these.
  • Go Responsive: Another reason we have to do this is that most new WordPress themes nowadays are crafted to fit to almost any screen size or device. If you have an established wp blog and haven’t changed your theme for years, then it’s time to upgrade it to a more responsive WordPress theme.. and that too a premium one with good support.

If you are serious about your website and want it to stand out, be unique, and be a cut among the rest, particularly in web design, WordPress premium themes are for you.  

Best WordPress theme providers you should know (Click To Tweet)

So, without further adieu, here we have a collection of the world’s best WordPress theme providers:

Best WordPress theme providers

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is an extremely popular WordPress Theme provider. They have a large collection of quality themes for blogs, eCommerce sites, and even apps. Elegant Themes offer a beautiful and large collection of quality designs at affordable prices. Most of their themes posses a clean and minimalist feel. These are ideal for a wide range of applications from a casual blogger to businesses. Pros

  • Large collection of quality themes.
  • Offers three membership plan. Each meets the need of every WordPress user.


  • Images aren’t compressed enough, which means it could affect your page loading speed.
  • Lacks diversity in themes.

Elegant Themes claims to have more than 170,000 customers. There are plenty of themes to choose from and the company offers extensive and direct contact-based support to its users. Elegant Themes offer three types of subscription: Personal: $39 per year. Developer: $89 per year. Lifetime: $249 one-time.

fable nexus

Divi Demo

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Studio Press


StudioPress is a WordPress theme provider known for its Genesis Framework. It is one of the WordPress theme provider that is said to be structurally sound, secure, and great for SEO. The designs are clean; however, only a few are stunning compared to what other theme providers are offering. StudioPress has a large community that you can become a part of if you are interested specially when you the Genesis Framework from Studio Press. There are also community-built themes, plugins, and child themes that are built to run on the framework. Pros

  • Price includes a lifetime support and updates.
  • SEO-friendly themes.
  • Clean designs.


  • Doesn’t appeal to some.
  • Very basic functionality.
  • Not many customization options like changing the default look and color.

Themes cost from $79.95 to $99.99. With every purchase of the theme, you’ll get the Genesis Framework. Each and every theme runs on top of the Genesis Framework. While it may seem expensive, StudioPress offers lifetime support and updates. You can also buy the Genesis Framework itself for $59.95.  

foodie mindfullness

Find out why most web owners trust StudioPress

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WooThemes has become well known for its large collection of themes. The themes are feature-rich, functional and are highly customizable. WooThemes is also known for their flagship product, Canvas and WooCommerce. The themes are feature-rich, customizable, but they lack a modern touch and fail to push beyond modern design trends. Pros

  • Themes are feature-rich and very customizable.


  • A large number of themes are no longer supported or updated.
  • It takes time to setup especially for new users.
  • The designs aren’t that exciting.

There are different pricing terms in WooThemes: Standard Package offer unlimited domain usage, with two bonus themes and one year in support and updates. The price of a standard package is $99. Developer package offers unlimited domain usage, with three bonus themes, and one year in support and updates, layered Photoshop PSD. The Developer Package costs at $179. There is also a club subscription offering Standard and Developer club subscription. Standard Club Subscription offers a $199 startup fee and $29 a month. This includes access to all WordPress themes, a minimum of one theme per month with regular theme updates, unlimited domain uses. Developer Club Subscription offers a $299 startup fee with $39 per month, comes with one theme per month with support access and regular theme updates, concurrent domain, and includes access to all WordPress themes.

fashionable maximize

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Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press offers a wide range of themes that are tailored mostly to the creative types like photographers, videographers, artists, etc. The designs focus mostly on people wanting to showcase their work. The designs make up for content focus thus expect big, bolder images, full screen sliders, and video. Pros

  • Great set of themes made for creative types.
  • Free plugins are included to help you sell digital products directly from your site.


  • Themes are expensive.

Graph Paper Press themes are available to buy individually or you can also join their theme club. You have plenty of membership options to choose from: Annual membership costs $125 per year. You’ll have access to all themes, plugins, and there are new theme launches every month, automatic updates, and forum support.   Forever membership costs $299. It’s not forever actually as the theme subscription is good for 10 years plus all access to themes. There are new theme launches monthly, automatic theme updates, complete library with two hours of video and written tutorials. You can also purchase themes individually, here’s a rundown of the costs:

  1. $75 for a single site.
  2. $140 for 2 to 4 sites.
  3. $200 for unlimited number of sites.

You can also get 10 free themes when you subscribe to Graph Paper Press. Subscription is free of charge. The theme aren’t advertised as free, but you’ll need to scroll through the collection and click on the theme to find the free ones. If you are not satisfied with the themes, Graph Paper Press offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

wallstreet audition

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Obox Design

Obox Themes

Obox Design is known to offer plenty of options in the back end to control the look of the theme. It is not a drag-and-drop type editor but you’ll get a number of different templates. These templates have a very granular control of things like changing the theme’s colors. You can leave the colors alone, but there are also other options that can’t be left alone, and some take a little time to figure out. There are only 12 responsive themes available in Obox Designs, and most of it are WooCommerce-ready. Pros

  • Lifetime support and updates
  • A number of themes available are e-commerce compatible.
  • Full control in the backend.


  • Only has 12 responsive themes at this time.
  • Some themes look different, but others look like most of the themes out there.

There are three ways to get a premium theme from Obox Themes: Single Pack offers two themes. Themes have lifetime support and updates and can be used on as many domains as you like. Single Pack costs at $79. Developer Pack offers three themes with lifetime support and updates. Themes can be used on as many domains as you like. One advantage of Developer Pack is that you’ll get to access Photoshop files, and Obox Mobile Plugin. Developer Pack is offers at $139. Membership Membership lets you gain access to all themes. These themes have support and updates for the duration of the membership. You’ll also gain access to PhotoShop files and it comes with Obox Mobile Plugin. You are also entitled to unlimited use of all your themes. Membership is priced at $159 startup fee with $19 per month.

photogenic retail

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Organic Themes
Organic Themes

Organic Themes

Organic Themes has some pretty collection of customizable and functional. Most themes have responsive designs that are in trend with the designs of today. Organic Theme’s login page and downloading the themes is a piece of cake; though setting up new themes can take a lot of work. Pros

  • There are plenty of themes available that cater to a variety of uses.


  • Customer service is only catered to US citizens as it is only available during US business hours.
  • Themes are expensive.

Theme documentation are not that helpful. If not for the forums, we will get lost in solving these issues. Organic Themes are offered in the following packages: You can get a theme for $69 and nothing more. If you want a better deal, the Developer pack is offered at $249 which included 23 themes. Themes are entitled to unlimited usage for any number of domains you have. Design files are also included with each themes sold.

restaurant seed

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WPZoom theme are clean and well-organized giving you plenty of opportunities to fit anything in the theme. WPZoom is known for its mazazine-styled themes and also have a recipe theme, and some restaurant themes. Pros

  • Professional theme that have polished designs.
  • Big attention to small details.
  • Content are well-organized specially the magazine-styled themes.
  • Quick support.


  • Expensive themes.
  • If you cancel the membership, you’ll lose all support and updates.

There are three ways to get a theme in WPZoom: Single Each theme costs at $75 each. Support and updates are included for twelve months and you are free to use it on multiple domains. The price for their themes are a little expensive, but the benefit is that it isn’t restricted to only one domain. Extended Extended license is $125. You have the option to pick up a second theme for free and you have access to Photoshop PSD files. You have 12 months of support and updates are also included. Like the single package, you’ll also get to use it on multiple domains. Membership Membership is $199 per month with $19 monthly. This subscription offer gives you access to 53 themes plus at least one new theme per month. PSD file support and regular theme updates. If you cancel your membership, then updates and support are terminated.

expedition vimes

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Themeforest is known to house the best WP theme developers, so if you are looking for the best WordPress theme with excellent functionality, look at Themeforest themes. Themeforest has more than 2,600 premium WordPress Themes to choose from. Their theme categories ranges from blog, magazines, corporate, retail, business, non-profit, technology, entertainment, ecommerce, buddypress, HTML5 and more. Pros Themes are cheap most on average is about $25 to $30 per theme. Themes comes with PSD file. Plenty of theme choices. Cons Customizing the theme can be different because themes are designed differently by many theme developers around the glob. The support section is powered by the theme authors than Themeforest.

avada enfold

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So, there you have it. These are some of the best theme providers in the market. If you have the time to check out all of them, you’ll find out that not all theme providers can cater to most user’s needs. There are some that specializes in one category and others try to be more general but still focuses on one target market. One thing I’ve noticed with these theme providers is that most don’t offer money-back guarantee. What if you cancel mid way? Most don’t give refunds for signup fees and if you have paid the monthly amount for the entire year, you will be refunded but only for the remaining six months. This doesn’t include your startup fee, which usually appears in monthly subscription of most theme providers. One useful subscription model I find in most theme providers is the lifetime membership. This gives you the option to get a lifetime support and access to all the themes, plus other benefits. Elegant Themes, for example, offers lifetime membership at only $249 one-time payment. Most themes sold are expensive, but this price pays for the benefits you’ll be having. Although most themes are offered at a cheaper price, you are restricted to using it to only one domain and doesn’t include support and updates. Those with more pricey themes lets you use the theme to unlimited number of domains and have support and updates at your disposal. One great feature with premium theme is the support and updates. Another benefit of premium themes is that you’ll have plenty of customization options. You aren’t limited to what you see. You can modify it meet your needs and make it look unique. Some even use the theme just as a base, but most of the elements are already changed. Which is your favorite when it comes to premium themes? Do leave us a comment.        


Top 10 CRM for Small BusinessThe best way to propagate your business is to have excellent relationship with your customers. This is easy if you have just a few customers to talk to. But what if your customer grows to a hundred? Or hundreds of thousands and you are receiving around 500 emails per day? Keeping track of the information your company needs to keep running is hard work. That is why we have CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a way to manage the relationship with your customers. Through CRM, your organization can better serve their customers through the help of the processes and procedures of interacting with customers.

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SalesForce Salesforce is a full-featured CRM software developed for all type of business. This all-in-one solution offers everything you need to not just manage your customers, but also close sales and manage your business. One thing that is great about Salesforce is its intuitive dashboard. When you login, the dashboard greets you with a wide array of report widgets that gives you a quick glance on how your business is performing. You also have the option to customize what report to display. It was easy to navigate the software and the data is organized in one simple and easy to navigate interface.   Features

  • All-in-one full featured software
  • Simple, yet intuitive interface
  • Third-party integration using Salesforce AppExchange
  • 24/7 Support

Visit SalesForce



OnContact OnContact CRM is another full-featured CRM software targeted at small businesses. OnContact is offered either as a cloud or on-premise development. The CRM solves the unique needs of every growing company. It incorporates all the necessary tools needed to organize client contact information. OnContact provides an effective and indispensable tool for the comprehensive and precise history of marketing, sales, service and ways to communicate with your clients.   Features

  • Web-based CRM
  • Split-window feature
  • Mail Merging
  • Search Tools
  • Document Linking Management

Visit Oncontact



SalesNexus SalesNexus is a great choice for small business owners that helps in various functions of your business. SalesNexus is an online marketing, lead generation and CRM software rolled into one. Using a single interface, you can manage everything related to marketing and customer relations reducing the licensing fees and installation time. SaleNexus organizes your sales efforts, track the progress and collaborate on the goals. SalesNexus has a web dashboard that tracks leads, proposals, sales call, emails, etc. Moreover, you can also customize the dashboard to your liking. SalesNexus is mobile-friendly. This means that you can track the progress of your marketing efforts, add contacts, schedule meetings, log call details, and coordinate every team’s schedules even while on the move.   Features

  • Completely automates the steps needed to be taken into a secure and close prospect.
  • Send up to 25,000 emails per month per user.
  • Cloud-based CRM.
  • Fully customizable dashboard.

Visit SalesNexus



Insightlly Insightly is a powerful CRM that is not only affordable, but loaded with features. Compared to other CRM software, Insightly stands out to the crowd with an easy to use interface, plenty of customization and integration, email tracking and templates, and granular sharing settings. However, Insightly is only limited to a few aspects of your business unlike what Apptivo has and it does not offer custom reports and dashboards. Insightly is free up to 2 users. For a paid subscription, Insightly has a flexible plan of $12 up to $99 per month.   Features

  • 14-day free trial
  • Free up to 2 users
  • Integrate with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Microsfot Quickbooks online
  • Integrate with Office 365 for business.
  • Open API

Visit Insightly



Zoho Zoho is a CRM software that does not compromise on the features just because you aren’t paying for it. Unlike other CRM software that offers free trial, Zoho has all the core functionalities of the CRM and gets you on board with no additional costs. Zoho CRM is best for small businesses who require a simple CRM solution. The free solution is more than enough to handle a business with no more than 10 employees. And because it is free, it is a budget-friendly way for business to test out a CRM software and understand how it works without breaking the bank. Zoho is just one of the many services the company offers. Zoho also has a suite of the entire productivity tools available for you. This includes project management, email marketing, accounting, collaboration tools, and many more. What’s great about it is that it fully integrates with other Zoho products. You can sync CRM-related data between solutions and manage it effectively using just a single platform.   Features

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM Analytics
  • Role-based security
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook and Office.

Visit Zoho



Infusionsoft Infusionsoft is a CRM software that is built exclusively for small businesses. The software offers lead generation tools, email tools, social media management and other tools to engage and convert leads, streamlining sales and closing deals. Infusionsoft is not for businesses that are just starting up as the software is not that budget friendly. You would be reluctant to pay at least $199, but if your prefer quality Infusionsoft would be a worthy purchase.   Features

  • Marketing automation
  • E-Commerce
  • Drag and drop landing page maker
  • Social sharing tols
  • Email marketing with automated campaigns
  • Sales Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Lead scoring and distribution
  • Track orders, sales, account receivables, etc.

Visit Infusionsoft



Apptivo Apptivo is a cloud-based CRM software that has more than 40 apps for all types of businesses. Each app is designed to work a unique problem and you can integrate each app for a seamless solution to your business process. Apptivo is probably the most flexible and affordable CRM tools you can have for your small business. With Apptivo, you can track sales, send online invoices, manage projects and more. Apptivo also has a mobile app in which you can manage while you’re on the go. App users have the option of integrating the contacts, calendar, etc and build their own custom solution. You can try Apptivo for free for up to 3 users, 50 standard app and contact sharing. And if you’re convinced that Apptivo is the right CRM for you, there’s a premium version at $10 per month and ultimate for $25 per month.   Features

  • Lead Management
  • Lead tracking
  • campaign dashboard
  • multi-channel marketing
  • quote management
  • customer service integration.
  • Remote access

Visit Apptivo


Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM Hubspot CRM is a free CRM solution for your business. It is a CRM software that businesses have been anticipating for quite some time, yet Hubspot CRM was the only software that was able to accomplish that. Hubspot CRM is a lightweight CRM tool that offers some of the best features a CRM platform can get. It is designed for your business to get started and keep focused on selling without changing the way you and your team already do things. It is ideal for small businesses that don’t have a CRM or those that are not fully using their system. Hubspot is free for current hubspot users. So you are free to try out the software without spending anything.   Features

  • Connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Apple Mail, Outlook.
  • Phone integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Collect and store contacts in an easy-to-use database.
  • Data enrichment

Visit Hubspot



Capsule Capsule CRM is a hosted CRM software that can keep track of your clients and prospects online. There are two editions of Capsule CRM: The free edition that lets you have up to two users and store up to 250 contacts. This is good enough for small businesses who are just starting out and don’t have any idea how a CRM works. The professional edition is for a more established business with more than 25 employees. At $8 to $12 per user, it can store up to 500,000 contacts and can store up to 2GB of files. This edition also allows you to integrate third party apps to your account. Capsule CRM is pretty straightforward to use. It’s interface is friendly that even anyone who hasn’t touch a CRM software before will learn how to use it right away. Another useful aspect of Capsule CRM is it’s integration with Google apps. You can integrate Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Gmail to your Capsule CRM and it seamlessly syncs to it. This is a paid feature, so if you rely heavily on Google apps and require seamless integration pay for the subscription service.   Features

  • Can group contacts into lists
  • Detailed contacts view.
  • App integration
  • Manage tasks along with your contacts
  • Mobile apps available.

Visit Capsule



Nimble Nimble CRM is an insightful software to help small businesses build a better relationship across all social channels. The software offers a smart and easy way to engage and nurture contacts as well as get new leads for your business. Nimble is not new to the CRM industry. It has been offering social dashboard to consumer for several years now. At $15 per month per user, you’ll have everything you need to get started in reaping the benefits of a CRM software.   Features

  • Keyword research
  • Automatic contact import
  • Calendar and event scheduler
  • Task management
  • Combined channel inbox
  • Rules engine

Visit Nimble


Whether you want to stay fresh and up to date with the current events or find the latest content relevant to your blog, the internet has a lot of it.


Simply do a quick search on any topic and those that appear to be the first on the list is probably a trending news or an article.

Also, a quick look at Facebook, and Twitter can give you an idea on what people are talking about lately.

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12 Affordable and Effective Online Advertising Ways for Small BusinessesAny small business needs to communicate with the existence of your target if you want to sell anything. If “word of mouth” is your way of getting your business known, then you need to read this article. Word of mouth tactic could keep your business afloat at first, but it will limit your advantage to your business competitors. The competition is fierce out there and you are not competing against fellow small business owners, you’re also competing with e-commerce giants like eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. This simply means that building a great product is not enough, you need some exposure and better exposure means you need better advertising strategies to survive. Thankfully, there are other ways to advertise on the cheap. Here are some inexpensive ways to advertise your small business online.  

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the easiest way to gain high amounts of traffic and exposure to your site. One of the benefits of Google Adwords is that it is extremely cost effective. Just this strategy is all you need to get the your target customers to go to your site.   This is because when people search for something, they use Google to do that. These search terms also known as keywords are the ways in which you can get exposure to your site. If a keyword you have chosen match what people search for, it will appear right above Google search results. When people click your ad, you’ve got yourself a potential prospect. If you have the right selling points, these prospects can turn into buying customers right away.

Visit Google Adwords.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

When banner and print ads won’t work the way you want it to, there’s Facebook Ads to put your focus on. Facebook Advertising provides you with the opportunity to target your audience. Facebook will be the one to look for people similar to your consumer base regardless if they are new signups or have been in the social network for a long time. This gives you the ability to be more precise in targeting the right audience. The fact that Facebook has the ability to target your customer based on their affinity, gender, region, network and interest means that Facebook Ads work almost like a charm and with millions and millions of people converging in the social media platform, it is highly unlikely that no one will be interested in your ad.

Visit Facebook Ads.


StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Ads

Not many people know this, but StumbleUpon is another untapped source to generate a lot of leads. Costing at just five cents per click for $5 you can get 100 unique visitors to your site. StumbleUpon is not just great for earning traffic to your site, but also a great way to advertise contests, giveaways and promotions. If your content is share worthy, you’ll get a lot of likes and from then on you’ll receive a lot of free traffic from Stumbles. This could go for months or even for years, even if you stopped advertising. The downside is that since StumbleUpon is a site to site surfing. Visitors won’t stay longer than 5 seconds and your ad isn’t targeted to a specific user base or even location. Your goal in StumbleUpon Ads is to encourage your visitors to stay more than 5 seconds to have an effective marketing on this platform. Don’t use landing pages with email address as they usually leave the moment they see that form and don’t use traditional landing pages as they skip to that. Blog-like content and videos work best in StumbleUpon.

Check out StumbleUpon Ads.

Advertise in Apps

Most people who are online today are on mobile. From all the apps these people have been using, it’s a good marketing strategy to add your business in an ad space below these apps. These tactics aren’t fit for every small business, but if you know an app or have used an app that you think could have your target audience in it, then advertising in apps might work for you.    




SlideShare is often described as the “YouTube of Powerpoint”. SlideShare allows you to take your slides or Powerpoint presentations and turn them into sales assets. Not that many advertisers have tapped into the potential of SlideShare, so there isn’t much of a competition compared to other advertising channels. SlideShare gives you enough exposure, even from the first day you published the slide.   You can even build a lead generation focus by adding your presentation and pay per lead when someone watches your presentation.

Check out SlideShare.


Social Networks

If you believe that your business is buzz-worthy, then create a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn an even a Pinterest account. These accounts will allow you to interact directly with your online customers. Through these social networks, you can let them know of the promotions or events. It will also allow your business to go viral through likes, shares, and through word of mouth from your customers and prospects.  


Video Ads

Video Ads

If you are able to produce videos that will be interesting to your target market, then you could get a steady flow of traffic that could last for years without the need to pay for advertising fees. Simply share a few interesting videos related to your business like tips and tricks, guides and add in some video promoting your business. Make sure to submit more than one video to maximize your exposure.  

Check out YouTube.



Submit Articles and Guest Posts

EzineArticles - a popular article submission site.

EzineArticles – a popular article submission site.

A great way to advertise your business without spending a dime is to submit articles on topics that your customers might be interested. In exchange for content, they allow for backlinks to your site. This helps establish that you are an expert in that field and people will trust you more. In addition to that, it can provide potential leads and traffic to your business. This goes true with submitting guest posts to blogs that are related to your niche. It’s best to take a dive on submitting guest posts to established blogs first to get that traction you need.


Email Marketing

MailChimp offers a simple and easy-to-use email marketing campaign.

MailChimp offers a simple and easy-to-use email marketing campaign.

Contrary to what most marketers believe, email marketing is not dead. Email marketing presents more opportunity to your business and drives a better return on investment. Moreover, email marketing can provide deeper relationships over a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of other advertising efforts. One benefit of Email marketing is that it is targeted. People that have subscribed to your email list are already your prospects. Now it’s your turn to turn them into potential customers. Simply by sharing weekly updates of your business like deals and site updates can make a very effective email marketing campaign.


Claim Your Local Listing

The reason most small business fail online is that they forget to do this most crucial step. Sign up for services like Google Places, Bing Places, and other local listings, then claim your local listings on those sites. Fill out the accurate information about your business and its address so people can find your business in your area. Competing in the local market has a better chance of success than competing at an international level.


Online Directories

It’s true that online directories have lost their usefulness in search engine optimization but you can still make use of these online directories to target your market. Sites like Yelp, Manta and FourSquare will give you a small boost in traffic from the directories themselves. However, opt-in only on those free online directories as they won’t be able to provide enough traffic to pay for their services.


Donate to Charity

Instead of spending $1000 on an advertising campaign, why not donate that to charity. If done right, you’ll have equivalent or even more than what you’ll get into paid advertising. That is because when people see that a business shows empathy, it won’t be hard for them to trust you. Empathy in business is vital to your success. It shows that you as a business are humans too, and have feelings. Sharing the same advocate as they have, proves that your business matters and they’ll reward you for your efforts and advocacy.



Online advertising isn’t cheap. From banners to print ads, it will cost you a lot of money yet results in little to no conversion at all. Moreover, they are not necessarily the best way to advertise a small business as you don’t have that money yet to do such a form of advertising. Unless you have a lot of money, advertising is not an effective long-term strategy to promote your business online. These ad campaigns do a lot in terms of exposure to your site, but it how you present your website to them that matters. If your site is disorganized and dated, people will leave as soon as they get in. If they are fooled into thinking that you have what they want, you’ll lose not just visitors, but potential prospects and customers. Present your business in a way that people will visit it often and buy from you most of the time. Earn their trust and you’ll never pay for ads. The list is just some of the many suggestions that have been proven to work. There are new advertising methods popping up each day so make sure to keep an eye out for them.      


Project Management and Collaboration plays an important role in a success project implementation. Top 10 Online Project Management and Collaboration Tools So whether you are just starting your business, have an established business already or is in an organization you need to have the tools that will help you collaborate effectively. Look: If you are tired of email after email of tasks to your team that they forget once a new mail arrives, daily updates that your team seems to not following what you, spreadsheets, to-do’s and calendar that seem pointless then these project management and collaboration tools is your all-in-one solution. Let us take a look at these project management and collaboration tools.


Zoho Zoho is cloud-based solution that is more than just a CRM. It offers a suite of online productivity and collaboration applications. With Zoho, you can manage and track multiple projects at the same time, right in your web browser. Create documents with Zoho Office. Setup meetings and have secure group chats and discussions in real time and view projects in one page. What’s great about Zoho is that it integrates with Google Drive which means that you can share and collaborate documents, view projects, plan projects and generate reports – all in one place. Here’s the kicker: Zoho is free for up to 10 users. It has all the basic tools for creating and setting up projects to a small team. For more features like sales forecasting, mass email, product customization, etc. Zoho’s paid subscription starts at $12 per user per month.

Visit Zoho


Trello Trello is an online project collaboration system that uses a card-based system for keeping things as simple and as easy as possible. It organizes your projects into cards and boards and in one glance, Trello tells you what has been worked on, who is working with it and where something is in the process. Trello is simple and easy to use. It’s intuitive flow makes it easy for anyone to grasp this tool immediately. The way it allows to collaborate across teams makes it easy for everyone to be on the same page at the same time. And: Trello is free and comes with all the basic features you need for project management and team collaboration. If you need app integration, team overview and improved security, Trello offers a monthly package for $8.33 per user per month.

Visit Trello


ActiveCollab is a simple and yet powerful marketing project management software that helps your team stay organized and produce best possible results within desired budget and timelines. Besides features like time-tracking and task management, it allows your team to give their feedback directly on their tasks and collaborate with ease. With ActiveCollab you can easily delegate your tasks to the rest of the team and help your team stay on the track by having a clear overview of every single step they make during the project development But wait – there’s more.. Also, it enables you to involve your client into the project, provide him with an insight into all the stages of the project and let him invoice once the project is completed.

Visit ActiveCollab


Yammer Yammer is a social network for businesses made by Microsoft. It gives you a platform for you to communicate with your colleagues and collaborate projects with them. Since it works as a Social Network like Facebook, employees would simply have to enter their email address to use it. Yammer can be used in your web or mobile browser to chat and share documents to one another. Yammer’s pricing model starts at $3 per month per user. If you need more features Yammer comes with Office 365 for Business and starts at $5 per user per month.

Visit Yammer


GoVisually GoVisually is a design collaboration tool made for the creatives. The software was built with the teams in mind which aims to make reviewing and sharing concepts as simple yet highly effective. GoVisually allows for instant collaboration. You can manage multiple revisions, track comments and use annotation tools to mark the changes required. But wait – there’s more.. GoVisually uses a drag and drop interface and has a threaded conversation feature. Anyone can start with GoVisually and everyone can join and contribute with the project. GoVisually starts at $15 per month. With this, you can manage up to 20 projects with unlimited number of collaborators and designs. If you need more than that, GoVisually has can get you up to unlimited projects for $150 per month.

Visit GoVisually


ConceptBoard Conceptboard is like your online whiteboard. You can start a session right away then invite others to collaborate on your project. This tool also allows you to use audio and video collaboration similar to Google Hangouts and interact at a more personal level. These sessions can also be shared in social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. ConceptBoard comes complete with live location option so you can know where all your members are located on the board and what part they are in. This tool works with collaborating with MS Word files, PDF files, photos, etc. It can also integrate with Google Drive. Conceptboard is available in Cloud and On-Premise version. Plans start from $28.50 per month starting with 3 users. Additional users cost $9.50 per month.

Visit ConceptBoard

Google Apps

GoogleApps If you’ve been using Google services like Google Drive and Gmail, then you’ve been using a few of the many collaboration tool that is available in Google. Google Apps is an online productivity tool that offers an inexpensive method to collaborate on projects. You can create documents and store it in Drive, the invite people to collaborate in it. You can schedule projects and attach time-sensitive files and get reminders in Calendar. Then with hangouts, you can setup a video conference on demand. Although these are available for free, a full featured suite made for businesses and project collaboration is highly recommended. Google Apps is available for as low as $5 per user per month or $50 per user per year.

Visit GoogleApps


Producteev Producteev is a social task management application that lets you organize task and activities. Tasks are created as to-do items within projects. These projects serve as collaborative to-do lists within networks. The networks represent as workplaces and this includes all projects, tasks and collaborators within your business. Add due dates, labels and notes. Follow tasks progress and measure the results. There’s also a mobile app available. Producteev is free and comes complete with all the basic task and organization tools. If you need to integrate Producteev in Outlook or other special features, signing up for $99 per month will give you more than a collaboration tool.

Visit Producteev

Teambox (RedBooth)

Teambox(redbooth) Teambox (RedBooth) is a place for your shared tasks, discussions and files. This online tool lets you easily organize your teams and projects and see the progress and milestones in the workload view, milestone calendar and streamlined charting. Teambox is a useful project management tool that is well suited for small and medium-sized businesses that want to handle projects without that steep learning curve that most apps have. The site includes the tools needed for project management and communicating with your time. It can also track people’s time, share documents, etc. What is very useful in this software is the ability to invite people and set permissions and roles to them. For example, you can set some people to only view the document but not edit it and other people to edit that document. Teambox can be used for multiple projects. The free version allows you to manage up to 3 projects with 50MB storage for files. Paid version lets you mange up to 100 projects and 50GB for as low as $12 per month.

Visit Teambox (redbooth)


ProjectTurf ProjectTurf is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps businesses and individuals manage projects, people and tasks. It can tackle any type of projects from your personal project to projects fit for an entire organization. Once the project is created, you can add team members and have them access it using just the browser. Within the project, you and your team members can create and manage tasks, add events in the calendar, set up discussions, upload and store documents, check the history and progress of the project and generate reports. ProjectTurf stores all your projects in one place. This is perfect for managing projects regardless of team size. It’s organized, always accessible, secured, and always backed up. It gets better.. What is great about ProjectTurf is that you can create your own custom URL, change the colors, and modify the app to suit your needs. ProjectTurf isn’t free, but pricing depends on your usage. The minimum is 20 projects for 39.99 per month up to 100 projects at $199 per month.

Visit ProjectTurf


Huddle Huddle is a cloud-based online collaboration tool trusted by 90,000 business and organizations in more than 180 countries. Unlike other project management and collaboration tools, Huddle does less and aspire us to do less. The interface is clean and is highly modular yet very easy to use. The dashboard shows a quick glance of everything you need to know like your tasks, files you are working on, calendar, notifications, files waiting for approval, etc. You have the option to arrange, collapse or remove these modules. Most of Huddle’s features are self-explanatory. This means that you can start “huddling” almost immediately. Huddle also has superb file management that you won’t see in other tools. In addition to supporting folders and sub folders, you also have the option to add comments and notifications or even request for user-specific approvals. Huddle starts at $20 per user per month for up to 25 users and $40 per user per month for up to 100 users. If you need more, call Huddle to discuss your needs with them.

Visit Huddle


Not all tools are the same, so these 10 will give you a diverse selection of project management and collaboration tools. If you are new to this and would give these tools a try, we suggest to opt-in for free services first like Trello and Zoho. Otherwise, any of these tools can work your way to a better project management and team collaboration.


Top 10 Apps to Customize Your Facebook PageFacebook has the most number of active users per day. With more than 800 million active users around the world, it is a great place to promote a product or service. This is why you need an active Facebook page to let your fans know about your brand and your business. The biggest mistake brands commit when creating Facebook pages is using the default tabs and content. Their page look boring and they post nothing but self-promotions. You can learn from these mistakes by starting at the appearance of your Facebook page. Do you know that there are Apps in Facebook that can customize your page? In this guide, I’ll show you the best apps to use in your Facebook page and how to use it effectively. Customize Tabs TabMaker – TabMaker is a free tool to help in creating custom tags for your page. It is a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor which makes it perfect even for non-tech savvy Facebook users. You can also add free or paid apps into your tabs. Social Candy – Social Candy is your all-in-one tool to help create professional customized Facebook page even if you don’t have technical skills. You can use Social Candy for free or take advantage of numerous features offered in paid subscriptions. Video Players Video Premiere – Video Premiere is a video app that focuses on showing the latest release of your video by displaying a large format of YouTube video in your page. Video Premiere also includes functional tools like a customizable header, sharing management, and on-page comments. Before you can start using Video Premier, you need to subscribe to North Social first and pay for the service starting at $19.99 per month. YouTube Tab – YouTube tab lets you add a YouTube tab in your Facebook fan page with just a few clicks. It is a paid subscription app, but the good thing about it is that you’ll only pay $10 per year. It is a very versatile tab because you can customize this app to suit your needs. It is one of the best video players in Facebook since it is known to be used by high-profile brands like DC Shoes, and Peugeot. Blogs and RSS Feeds Blog Tab – Blog Tab is a free app from the makers of YouTube Tab, TabFusion. It lets you include your favorite blog in your tab page by providing the XML or RSS feed. RSS Graffiti – RSS Graffiti syndicates RSS feeds to your Facebook wall. It can support multiple feeds and multiple walls of your choosing. ECommerce Before, the only way to sell products in Facebook is redirect users to a different site to make purchases. It can be annoying and confusing to some customers. Now, you can have Ecommerce inside Facebook by just installing any of these apps: BigCommerce SocialShop2 – BigCommerce Social Shop2 lets you sell products in a variety of social media platforms, not just Facebook. You can get a complete store in your Facebook fan page through a point-and-click installation. Banner display can be customized, and it also includes real-time product search, and complete orders and return all in your Facebook page. Payvment – Payvment is an Ecommerce Facebook app which lets you start a Facebook store for free. The free version has the basic functions of a social Ecommerce platform like CSV catalog, social sharing, and setting up of featured items, automated inventory control, etc. Payvment has 2 paid plans which contains advanced features like automate promotions to your fans, and full analytics.


Use BoldGrid to create a  customized, gorgeous website you have always wanted

BoldGrid Review - Smart Site Builder for WordPress In this article, we will discuss BoldGrid, a powerful drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress. Websites are expensive to design. This is why BoldGrid has stepped in,  offering customizable websites that connect with WordPress. This makes it possible to have a website that looks professional and has all the features you need. Best of all, you can create a great looking website, without writing a single line of code Visit BoldGrid

What is BoldGrid?

In a nutshell, BoldGrid can be explained as:

  • A Premium website-builder with easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Quickly build stunning, responsive (mobile friendly) websites
  • Comes with stunning templates
  • 100% ownership and complete control of your own site
  • Built on top of wordpress

BoldGrid is a  unique website builder that has been created on top of WordPress, a powerful free Content Management System(CMS).  Many people have found WordPress to be overwhelming. So BoldGrid decided to make it easier. BoldGrid and WordPress combine in order to compete with such Web builders as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and an array of others. Many web designer tasks have been automated, so it is ideal for amateurs as well as professional designers alike.

Why We Love BoldGrid (And You Should, Too!) (Click to Tweet)

BoldGrid Video

Watch this video to learn more about BoldGrid

A little bit about WordPress….What is WordPress and why choose WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most comprehensive content management systems (CMS) in the world. It provides a significant amount of features to make it customizable so that you can have the website you want – all without having to hire a professional website designer that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Approximately 74,000,000 sites are currently using WordPress in order to publish blogs and promote themselves across the Internet. WordPress is powerful right out-of-the-box. It gives you the opportunity to install quickly, and there are plenty of add-ons to choose from. You also have the core that allows you to add RSS feeds, connect with social media, and much more.  

The BoldGrid Design Team

The people behind BoldGrid have 10+ years’ experience in designing, and have built thousands of websites by hand. This is an important component when looking at the web builder because they understand the importance of themes, page layouts, conversion, menus, icons, and everything that goes into a professional looking and aesthetically pleasing website.

BoldGrid has beautiful templates for different categories

BoldGrid has beautiful templates for different categories

Who should use BoldGrid ?

  • Newbies: BoldGrid is the best DIY website builder for a newbie.  Stunning Professional themes with an intuitive drag-and-drop website editor. No coding is required.
  • WordPress Fans: If you have used WordPress, then getting started with BoldGrid should be easy. Since BoldGrid is built on WordPress, you can use the familiar WordPress platform to access BoldGrid. along with best features of wordpress. You can also do safe rollbacks, a feature that lets you undo the latest design changes you did. Could be helpful in situations, where you made a mistake and want to roll back to last working version.
  • Web Developers and designers: As a designer, now using BoldGrid, you can quickly create beautiful websites on WordPress for your clients. You can minimize time taken for demo websites by building websites with the drag-and-drop website editor in BoldGrid. Make best use of staging areas as well as safe rollback features of WordPress and impress your clients.


How does it work?

BoldGrid needs a web host to get started. Inmotion Hosting is the only webhost to offer BoldGrid Premium sits builder as part of it’s web hosting plans. About Inmotion hosting:  Inmotion is one of the most reliable web hosts out there   providing quality hosting along with 100% US based customer support. You can definitely rely on this web host. After signing up with Inmotion Host, you will get BoldGrid pre-installed for you and then you can start playing with BoldGrid.

Design Stages  

There are two major stages provided within the BoldGrid system.

  • The inspiration phase: This is the phase where various website designs can be explored, including functionality as well as content that is industry-specific. This is the opportunity to understand what a complete site looks like, including content and everything else. BoldGrid Inspiration Phase
  • The customization phase: This is the final phase , which is the chance to make it specific to your business.

 Advantages of using BoldGrid  (Pros)

Easy customization In addition to having an Intuative Drag and Drop Editor, there are so many different options to be able to customize the site the way you want. You have the option to change such things as:

  • Background images
  • Patterns
  • Layouts
  • Menu positions
  • Colors

There’s also the “Inspirations Process” which gives you the layout, pages, and content that is specific to your industry. It takes the guesswork out of what makes a great looking site. The layout system is another pro because what you see is what you get. The prebuilt Gridblocks can save you time and it’s all about drag and drop, so you don’t need to have knowledge of  HTML. 100% Ownership You will have full ownership and everything is movable. The full hosting is available to you. It is also developer friendly, and can be responsive, ensuring that people can view your website on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. With thousands of designs to choose from, it can be considerably more effective than some of the other website designs available to you. WordPress Compatible As explained above, BoldGrid is built on top of WordPress. Best part is, you are not restricted to themes or templates that BoldGrid offers. You can use free or premium WordPress themes that you can get elsewhere and can integrate that theme to BoldGrid. Same applies to WordPress plugins as well. BoldGrid thus, is compatible with any WordPress plugin or theme. Staging Area There is the opportunity to have two websites, a stage website and a live website. The benefit to this is that you can make your changes to a “staging website”, evaluate thoroughly and when satisfied with staging area, roll out the changes to your live website. All this can all be managed within the Administrative Dashboard. The public only sees your live website. Staging area is hidden from public. Developer Friendly BoldGrid is a great extension to WordPress. Developers and designers can now quickly create great layouts and stunning pages. And thus meet client deadlines faster. There  is an entire section dedicated for developers in support area. Section for Advanced developers: One of the pros to BoldGrid is that there is a major section dedicated  developers and designers. This is a chance for you to see the BoldGrid layers, the required hooks, the menu locations, and more. If you want to submit themes and design components, you will want to know about all of this. Create your website with BoldGrid (and get a free domain)  


One of the cons to using BoldGrid is that it requires a host. Once you know who is going to host, you can use BoldGrid and begin creating a website that is going to look professional and have all of the functions that you want. Luckily, we have Inmotion Hosting that can preinstall and setup BoldGrid for you. Another con is that it can be overwhelming to choose a design that’s going to work for you. Some of the other web builders only offer 25 or 50 designs, so it’s easy to make a selection. However, BoldGrid has tried to compensate for the variety of designs by offering the inspiration phase where you can search different designs based upon industry and the type of layout that you desire based upon what you want your website to be able to do. Actually, not sure if this should be termed as  advantage or disadvantage, having so many designs to choose from, that is.

How does BoldGrid compare with other popular site builders

BoldGrid is very different from some of the other site builders out there – and much of it comes down to the beautiful designs that are available. While some of the other builders out there have dozens of designs to choose from, BoldGrid offers thousands. The WordPress themes provide different layouts, color palettes, and more to choose from. Also, unlike what’s found with some of the other competition, BoldGrid is not restrictive. Here’s a good comparison chart that shows how BoldGrid competes with other popular site builders.

Boldgrid comparison chart findbestwebhosting com

BoldGrid compared with other Top website Builders



Overall Review of BoldGrid

Ultimately, BoldGrid is one of the best Web builders on the Internet. It makes it possible to create a great looking website that is functional. It can be responsive, offering a quality designed for computers, tablets, and an array of mobile devices. It is also easy to use, allowing people to create their own website without the need to know computer languages. In a world where websites rules supreme, is important to have a website that is capable of attracting a significant amount of people. Consumers will often make a decision about a company within seconds of landing on their website. If it is an attractive and functional, they will choose to do business. Else they may look elsewhere. This means that you need to have a great looking website, and BoldGrid delivers thousands of designs to choose from. With the variety of ways to customize, it truly stands out from the competition. And you have the backing and solid support from Inmotion hosting. So basically you are getting business hosting plus BoldGrid for a bargain price – just $5.99/month. Cannot beat that. Our Rating: 5 Stars

Get BoldGrid pre-installed with business hosting (and a free domain)


Article by: Tom George, Chief Editor of


Create a stylish Wedding Website for your Big day. Allow your guests to RSVP directly from your website. Share your beautiful moments with your friends and family.

There are number of wonderful ways to create wedding websites. In this article, we are going to show you  how to make an awesome wedding website with a versatile website builder. In fact,  website builders are  best choice for beginners.  You do not need any programming skills to create a functional site with Website builders. Just pick a nice design and adjust it to match your taste.  Website builders,  allow you to drag and drop design items, so you can control the placement of your photos, text or wedding videos on the page.

Why follow this  guide?  Here’s why…

  1. Easy to follow steps. 3 steps.
  2. Every step includes screenshots with sufficient details.
  3. Guide written for a beginner, who has minimal technical skills.
  4. Written by  Website Experts

After completing the following 3 easy steps, you should have a fully functional website up and running. And I am positive that this will be the easiest part of preparing for your special day! [xa_acc style=”xa-blue” ][xa_slide title=”Step1: Sign up with web host” openclose=”” icon=”plus-circle”]

Step1: Sign up with web host

eHost is a reliable hosting provider for your wedding website. They are providing a Free Domain Name and a Drag Site Builder to create your site. Sign up for 1 year hosting at the rate of $3.99/mo or buy for a longer term and get a better hosting discount($2.79/mo).

Click here to signup for eHost hosting

Click on Get Started Now button


[/xa_slide][/xa_acc] [xa_acc style=”xa-blue” ][xa_slide title=”Step2: Choose your Domain and complete order” openclose=”” icon=”plus-circle”]

Step2: Choose your Domain and complete order

A Domain name is how people will be able to reach your website. It is your wedding website’s unique address.  Type your domain and click on Get My Domain button. ehost-2 If that domain is not available, you will see some recommended list of domains. (Otherwise you will go to hosting set up page – see next figure) ehost-3

Create your hosting set up: Type your name,email, password and click on Continue button. ehost-4

Complete your order here – Enter your address, Select your package, Fill up your payment option and click Complete button.ehost-5

Check your email :  You will receive a welcome email from eHost. Save this email for future reference. This email will include  Instructions to login  into your control panel. Alternately, visit and Click on Login button. ehost-6

[/xa_slide][/xa_acc] [xa_acc style=”xa-blue” ][xa_slide title=”Step3: Create your site using site builder” openclose=”” icon=”plus-circle”]

Step3: Create your site using site builder

After logging into your control panel, click on create a new site button. ehost-7

Select website builder ehost-8

Choose a wedding template.  Click on category drop down and select wedding option. This will show available wedding related designs.ehost-wed-1

Preview your templateehost-wed-2

Scroll down and preview the theme. If you like it, click on ‘Start editing” button. If you do not like it, Preview another theme. Note: If you are a beginner, I suggest you to use the same theme displayed here in this tutorial and be familiar with the features. Later you can delete this site (see how) and start from creating new site from control panel. ehost-wed-3

How to Edit your design

Start Editing your design. You can edit or delete every element on this theme. For example, You can Edit Header (Dev weds Cathy),  images, text on this page. Pass mouse over any text or images and you will see green dotted box around it. Click inside that box to edit that element. ehost-wed-5

How to change text : Here I’m going to Edit header text ” Mike& Jenny”. Just click on that element. Now you will see another box. Click on Edit text button. Now delete existing text and  type your text here. After you are done editing just click on any part of screen, that text will be saved. Similar way you can edit any text on this page. ehost-wed-4

How to change images Click on the image. Now you can see another box. Click on change Image button. ehost-wed-6

In the newly opened window, You can select from available images or upload your own images.  Click on  each category on left to see all available pictures. To upload an image, click on Upload button. ehost-wed-7-0 After uploading, Click on the image and press Apply button. ehost-wed-7-2

How to delete unwanted elements(text/images etc) on this page For example, I do not want to keep entire section “Our First Date” in this page. How do I remove entire section? Just click any whee near Our First Date, you can see section box(see fig below).

  1. Click on delete icon to delete entire block
  2. You can also see 2 arrows (up / down) there. Click on up arrow to move entire block up. Click on down arrow to move entire block down.


  • To delete an image, click on the image and press ‘Del’ button on your keyboard.
  • To delete  any text block, click on text and press ‘Del’ button on your keyboard.
  • To delete  any gallery, click on text and press ‘Del’ button on your keyboard.  ehost-wed-10-2

Drag and Drop elements on the page You can drag and drop any element on this page to any location. For example, Look at the fig below. I deleted the image and there is some blank space left there. It does not look good.  I can either spread text to full width or drag text block to left. To spread the text, click somewhere on the txt. Then you will see lines around it. Do you see some square icons on that line (See fig below). Click on it and drag to increase width. To move content block around, Click some where on text, and drag it to place you want to keep. ehost-wed-9

How to Edit Galley Click on the gallery. Then you will see another box with “Manage Gallery” button. Click on it. ehost-wed-10-1

Here you can do many things.

  • You might want to remove all pictures and add your own pictures. To remove all pictures in the gallery, click on “Clear Items” link on top right side.
  • Click on “Add Image” link to add image to this gallery. (Please refer how to change image section above.)
  • You might want to keep some pictures and delete few other pictures. To delete one picture, click on the image you want to delete. Then you can see delete icon next to it. Click on it.
  • You can also edit image title,description etc. See fig below.
  • After you are done making changes, Save it. ehost-wed-13-1

After uploading images, you need to edit title,description etc. and save changes. ehost-wed-11

Note: Similar way you can edit other elements on this page. After making any changes,  you can preview, save publish or Undo them. ehost-wed-14 ehost-wed-15 ehost-wed-16 How to edit other existing pages / How to add new page Click on pages icon (on left side menu).  Let us be familiar with some icons displayed here. ehost-wed-18

How to Edit existing page Here you can see list of existing pages. Click on the page you want to edit. ehost-wed-17 Click on each element on this page and start editing (like I explained above). ehost-wed-25

How to add new page Go to Pages, click on add new page icon.ehost-wed-26 You will get 2 options there. 1) Add empty page, 2) Choose from templates. Here I selected Add empty page option. If you want you can choose 2nd option and edit page like we did earlier.   Enter name of page and click “Add Page” button. ehost-wed-19

Add more content to page Click on Add button from left menu. You can add text, images, videos galleries and more… ehost-wed-20

I click on image and added one image to the page.  I can see my image on this page. But I want to move that image to some other part of this page. Remember, In the middle of this tutorial, I explained how to drag & Drop elements on the page.  Just like that, click on the image and drag it to top left on the page. ehost-wed-21

Now I’m going to add some text to the page.

  • Click on Add button from left menu.
  • Click text
  • I can see text block here. Now click  on it. You can drag and keep it where ever you want. ehost-wed-22

Spread text to full width. Edit text etc. ehost-wed-23

In similar way you can add more content to this page. After you are done making page, save it. after you are done editing all pages, Click on Publish to publish the site. ehost-wed-24 How to delete a site   created using sitebuilder  from eHost control panel Go back to . You can see your site there. Click on options>> Delete to delete this site. ehost-wed-27   [/xa_slide][/xa_acc]  


So you have seen all the 3 steps. Yes. Step 3 has some good number of things to do. But don’t get discouraged. These are steps that you can do.   Enjoy creating your  beautiful wedding website and be proud of it.  Get more wows! Oh yeah!