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If you have been watching and involved with the College Basketball betting action for many years now, you are probably well aware of the fact that teams who head into the big tournament on a hot streak are the ones that tend to make a deep run. There are, of course, always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, teams ending the regular season on a high note are often able to carry that momentum over into the next stage. With that in mind, the Purdue Boilermakers need to get themselves sorted out before the tournament begins, as they are beginning to see their NCCAB odds fall after taking back to back losses.

They haven’t dropped too far just yet, but another loss or two this week could see them go into freefall. Purdue have a very winnable game coming up on Thursday night when they head to Wisconsin to face a Badgers team that has been nothing short of brutal in conference play. Ordinarily, Purdue would be expected to win this one going away, but you need to wonder if those back to back losses may be on their mind. Are the Boilermakers on upset alert on Thursday night?

Purdue vs. Wisconsin College Basketball Betting Preview & Pick

  • When: Thursday, February 15, 7 PM EST
  • Where: Kohl Center
  • TV: ESPN
  • Radio: 95.7 FM (Purdue) / 92.7 FM (Wisconsin)
  • Live Stream: Watch ESPN
  • College Basketball Betting Odds: Purdue Boilermakers -9.5 (Over/Under at 138 points)

Team Records

  • All: Purdue Boilermakers 23-4 / Wisconsin Badgers 11-16
  • Home: Purdue Boilermakers 14-2 / Wisconsin Badgers 9-8
  • Away: Purdue Boilermakers 9-2 / Wisconsin Badgers 2-8
  • ATS: Purdue Boilermakers 14-11-1 / Wisconsin Badgers 11-15
  • Over/Under: Purdue Boilermakers 12-14 / Wisconsin Badgers 12-14

College Basketball Odds & Betting Analysis: Cincinnati at Houston

Recent Head to Head (Last 10 Games)

  • Record: Tied 5-5
  • Score: Purdue Boilermakers 66.10 / Wisconsin Badgers 64.40
  • Field Goal Percentage: Purdue Boilermakers 45.24 / Wisconsin Badgers 41.96
  • Rebounds: Purdue Boilermakers 32.70 / Wisconsin Badgers 29.40
  • 3 Point Shots: Purdue Boilermakers 65-155 / Wisconsin Badgers 66-200
  • Steals: Purdue Boilermakers 4.80 / Wisconsin Badgers 6.00

Why bet on the Purdue Boilermakers?

This is not exactly new territory for Purdue, as they lost back to back games early in the season. All they did after those defeats were go on a 19-game winning streak. They don’t need to come up that big right now, but they do need to get their mojo back with a win on the road on Thursday night. Purdue will be looking for a performance similar to the one they put in when they faced Wisconsin a few weeks back, a game that ended 78-50 in favor of the Boilermakers.

Purdue can take some solace in the fact that the games they lost last week were both against ranked opponents, although those are the types of teams they are going to need to beat if they have national championship aspirations. The Boilermakers saw their offense sputter in their back to back losses, falling well below their 82.5 PPG average in both games. Purdue is 14-11-1 ATS and 11-15 O/U this season.

Team Statistics


  • Total Score: 82.42
  • Field Goal Percentage: 49.62
  • Three-Point Percentage: 42.38
  • Free Throw Percentage: 75.23
  • Total Rebounds: 35.70


  • Total Score: 64.30
  • Field Goal Percentage: 40.15
  • Three-Point Percentage: 32.91
  • Free Throw Percentage: 67.85
  • Total Rebounds: 32.74

Why bet on the Wisconsin Badgers?

The Badgers have been brutal in conference play this season, going just 4-10 in the Big 10. They have just 1 win in their last 6, that one coming on the road against Illinois, the worst team in the conference. The unfortunate thing for the Badgers is that they are solid on the defensive side of the court, giving up just 67.1 PPG this season, but the offensive players are not holding up their end of the bargain, scoring just 67.6 PPG.

The Badgers come in as the College Basketball Betting underdogs against Purdue.

Further compounding the issue for the Badgers heading into this one is their performance against ranked teams this season. They are 0-7 in those games, which does not inspire a lot of confidence going into a game against a Purdue team looking for a statement game to get back on track. Wisconsin is 10-15-1 ATS and 12-12-2 O/U this season.

Team Statistics


  • Total Score: 67.56
  • Field Goal Percentage: 45.29
  • Three-Point Percentage: 33.97
  • Free Throw Percentage: 69.98
  • Total Rebounds: 30.96


  • Total Score: 67.11
  • Field Goal Percentage: 46.36
  • Three-Point Percentage: 36.11
  • Free Throw Percentage: 74.44
  • Total Rebounds: 30.22

Latest College Basketball Betting Trends

  • Boilermakers are 0-4-1 ATS in their last 5 games
  • Boilermakers are 19-2 SU in their last 21 games
  • The total has gone UNDER in 10 of Purdue’s last 12 games
  • Badgers are 5-10 ATS in their last 15 games at home
  • Badgers are 1-6 SU in their last 7 games
  • The total has gone OVER in 5 of Wisconsin’s last 7 games

Expert Pick and Final Score Prediction

I like Purdue to get back on track with a win over the Badgers on Wednesday night. It may not be as convincing a victory as their last meeting, but still in the double digits.

Score: Purdue Boilermakers 76 – Wisconsin Badgers 61

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Mesh topology is a method of wireless connectivity that involves devices feeding off of one another’s connections through nodes, or points at which lines or pathways intersect.

Devices on a mesh topology are connected similarly to flies caught in a spider’s web. Like the web weaving to form a connection between these unfortunate insects, mesh networks form a transparent connection between devices. Through this invisible system, computers are able to share a trusted connection and communicate in order to perform tasks and help with business operations.

According to an article by Link Labs, mesh topology is nothing new, although it may be a new term for some. It has been around for more than 30 years and was originally created for military applications. It has since evolved from its original purpose, and is used for more commercial and, in some instances, individual or residential purposes.

Mesh topology can be distributed in one of two ways: a full mesh topology, or a partially connected mesh topology.

The explanation of mesh topology and Wi-Fi is riddled with techie talk, so bear with me as we try to break this down in common terminology — mostly for my sake. I know you’re already a genius on all things mesh.

Mesh topology can be distributed in one of two ways: a full mesh topology, or a partially connected mesh topology. Full mesh topologies are very reliable because they offer a number of paths for data to travel, so if one node were to fail, it could self-repair and simply “drop” that defective node.

Partial mesh, on the other hand, has some nodes in a mesh topology, while others are part of peripheral networks that connect to the mesh (imagine it like a small offshoot cluster of nodes/devices that is then connected to the mesh network). Partial mesh tends to be less expensive and less complex than a full mesh topology. Neither runs the risk of one failure impacting the whole; both partial and full topologies should be self-healing.

“In Partial mesh topology, nodes are allowed to connect with more than one node present in the network through the uses of a point-to-point link,” reads an article on Networking Basics. “The point-to-point link advantage is that the redundancy provided by full mesh topology can be taken to its maximum capability without the complexity required for the node in the network.”

mesh topology

The diagram above shows how mesh networks function. Signals are passed to and from each individual node, or connected device, creating a web of connected devices. If one node is removed or has an outage, the mesh network is self-healing and wireless signals are sent to another device.

Most mesh networks send and receive tasks to devices via a router. A routing table is kind of like the traffic director of the system. It communicates with the nodes and devices and tells them how to communicate with the access point and how to direct other nodes to the access point. Data routing basically sends information down a predetermined path, from one device to another, until it reaches its endpoint. With mesh networks these routes can also be self-healing, so if a device in the path isn’t functional, the data can be easily passed to another node/device connected to the network.

Data flooding is different from data routing, but remains an important option for mesh operations. The flooding method continually sends data through the network and has the correct device grab onto it once it passes through. Devices check the address of a certain piece of data and, from that, can determine whether to keep it or send it on. Flooding is a less complicated method than routing.

Like any method of connectivity, mesh topology has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to consider both sides of the story before jumping into something complex or new. Let’s go through a list of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of mesh networking and mesh topology.

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Mesh topology advantages

Mesh topology is scalable. Administrators or network managers can add or remove devices with minimal disruption. This is a positive feature for companies that wish to grow in size, but also those that wish to adapt and change their workflows or processes. For example, a manufacturer can easily add additional intelligent equipment without interrupting production.

— Within a mesh topology, it is not difficult to find the root of an issue. Issues are more easily diagnosed because data is so transparent.

Mesh topology is, thus far, known to be a more private network. They don’t route packets through one main monitoring point, meaning information is only sent to the device it belongs to.

— One or more devices can fail while others continue working as usual. Because all devices are not dependent on the success of one object, such as a traditional wireless router, one shutdown does not take down the whole system. This is advantageous for any use case.

Mesh topology is not intimidated by a large amount of traffic. While some networks slow down with overuse, mesh topologies are able to skirt around this scenario. The computers and devices are continually sending data back and forth at the same time, and each device can carry its own weight. This takes pressure off of the network as a whole, spreading the responsibility out among devices.

Mesh topology disadvantages

Mesh topology may be a more expensive solution, and implementation is known to be complex. There are other genres of topology that can be implemented at a lesser price. It also consumes more energy to have that many nodes functioning, which could add to your costs. A fully connected topology is more expensive than a partial connection.

Mesh topology, even after setup and initial deployment, is a more complex system to maintain. If issues arise, an IT professional may have to consider network planning, which is the strategic deployment of nodes that exist to accomplish a specific task. This will be even more difficult for companies or residences that have little understanding of how topologies work.

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Mesh topology is known to some as an investment. By this, I mean companies may put money down on this system without ever knowing if it will be worth the trials and effort. Some informed sources, such as the aforementioned article on Networking Basics, assert that mesh topology will “definitely give back the invested capital.”

As with any technological decision, it’s up to the organization or the individual to determine what’s worth it in the end. Mesh topologies are unlike any strategies many companies have ever implemented. It takes a knowledgeable and ambitious team to not only set it up correctly, but to maintain it over time. But perhaps mesh topologies have a mainstream future, and over time and with adaptations, their disadvantages will be but a glimmer in our memories.

Learn more about AI, machine learning, cybersecurity and IoT in our recent feature on Digital Trends. You can also explore some of the companies offering B2B solutions in these spaces by exploring their respective categories on G2 Crowd.

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Ranking higher in your local area requires you to let search engines know more about what you do. Search engines take into account everything, ranging from the type of business you provide for the physical location and hours of your business. Just try going to a search engine, such as Google, and type in whatever product you like. You will be amazed to know that most of the results delivered on the first page are located within or around your city. It happens because Google knows the different businesses in your location, and fetches them when searched from a particular location. Getting on the local search engine list requires more than just SEO. Your search engine optimization needs to be localized.

Here are a couple of tips to get your website on the local search engines: 

1) Google My Business

First thing first! Claim your Google My Business page if you haven’t already. There are tons of things that explain the process; however instead of getting into details, just know these tips:

  1. Create a unique, long description that includes links and formatted correctly.
  2. Assign the right category for your business.
  3. Add a local phone number and add as many photos as you can.
  4. Add the address of your business similar to the one on your website and local directories.
  5. Upload a quality cover photo and profile image.
  6. Add the closing and opening time of your business.
  7. Get reviews from customers.

2) Mobile & Desktop Friendly Website

Make your website user-friendly on both devices (Desktop & Mobile). Also, take care of your website page load speed on both devices. Use GTmetrix or PageSpeed Insights to know your website speed. Why you need to do that is because if your website isn’t mobile friendly then your website will receive less traffic as people get irritated, and go away by viewing your unorganized website’s content. So make it friendly. In addition, ensure that your web pages are loaded fast as it helps users to quickly gaze for the information they are looking for.

3) Make Use Of Title & Meta Description Tags

Don’t forget to use title and meta description tags. Though these meta tags do not have a direct bearing when Google ranks and indexes pages, these tags still help in providing a short description of a business, letting both visitors and search engines know what to expect.

4) Name, Address & Phone Number

Consistency is important, which will make your business stand on the top pages of search engines. Ensure that your business has a full NAP on your complete website. Also, make sure that the addressing you are using on Google pages is similar in format and details on your website. You can also use Get the benefit of Schema by putting it in the below HTML code. It helps to represent your web page in SERPs as more attractive or best way. <div itemscope itemtype=”Book –”> <span itemprop=”name”> XYZ Things </span> <span itemprop=”author”>XYZ</span> </div>  

5) High-Quality Links

Create good and high-quality backlinks to your website. It will help a user to easily find about your business from several places. Points you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid creating backlinks of your website on low authority sites.
  • Don’t write content just for SEO perspective. Write to provide the best information.
  • Try using short videos, Infographics, Article, Forum, Question & Answering websites, Guest Post etc.

6) Add Local SEO Plugin By Yoast

With an average rating of 4.7 and more than 15 million downloads, WordPress SEO by Yoast is a popular SEO plugin that has extensions specifically designed for local searches. This plugin sends out the information to Google that your website needs to rank higher in your area. It tells the location, name, type and the services of your business. It offers another great feature that allows you to localize your contact page by inserting your operating hours, company address, a store locator, and Google Maps. This plugin costs depending on the number of websites you have for your business. Starting from $69!

7) Technical Assessment, Recommendations and Corrections

Search engines don’t see what we do – they see code and structure. It’s vital that your website is built according to search engine guidelines, otherwise, you run the risk of being passed over. Have your team run a complete technical audit of your website to ensure the setup is done properly, and in the favor of the search engines. This will allow a website to get indexed and rank higher in local searches.

8) List Your Website On Popular Website

Create your business pages on several popular businesses listing websites as Hotfrog, Aabaco, Manta, Citysearch, Yelp, Houzz etc. Points you should keep in mind.

  • Put your local address including streets, City, Zip etc.
  • The phone number should be active and responding.
  • Opening hours.
  • Link your website and social media platforms.
  • Ask your clients to review your business.
  • Keep posting your latest business news, events, any changes, offers etc.
  • Always provide a clear business logo to any listing or some images of your business.

9) Get On Social Media Platform

Create your Social Media Pages on various social media platforms As Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. Points you should keep in mind are:

  • Create your pages in the specific industry where your business belongs.
  • Mention your proper address, Opening hours, functions, website etc.
  • Make your Social Media pages engaging in regular posting.
  • Join groups or share the information avoid selling.
  • Share your posts to different groups.
  • Ask your users or clients to review your social media pages.
  • Keep posting short attractive videos, you can also link your YouTube channel to FB page.


Optimizing a website for a local search on the search engines can help bringing traffic, that can be converted into potential customers. It is true, especially when you have a local business. As a website owner, you would want to be listed when users perform a research locally and globally. These practices will get you to the high ranking on local searches at the least!

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is a famous expert on WordPress website design and theme customization. He likes to write about WordPress and SEO services like to how converting html to WordPress website, cms customization, website SEO analysis etc. To get more updates from him, follow on Facebook.


Ryan ZinkeDENVER /February 14, 2018 (AP)(STL.News) — Two Democratic congressmen are accusing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke of withholding key information from lawmakers while launching a massive overhaul of his department. Reps. Raul Grijalva (gree-HAHL’-vuh) of Arizona

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While teams in the NBA have played more than half of their games, this week’s All-Star Break is still considered to be the official midseason point. The trade deadline has passed, which means that all the teams in the league now have the rosters that they believe will serve them well in the second half of the season. Will the teams currently dominating the NBA betting odds to win it all be the ones that are there come to the end of the regular season or will there be a couple of teams that make a run in the second half, upsetting all the NBA lines and predictions in the process?

Let’s look ahead to see how things might play out in the second half of the NBA season.

Midseason NBA Betting Predictions for the 2018 Championship

Playoff Picture

Eastern Conference

  • 1-Toronto Raptors
  • 2-Boston Celtics
  • 3-Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 4-Milwaukee Bucks
  • 5-Washington Wizards
  • 6-Indiana Pacers
  • 7-Philadelphia 76ers
  • 8-Miami Heat

How to Bet Warriors at Trail Blazers NBA Lines & Game Info

Western Conference

  • 1-Golden State Warriors
  • 2-Houston Rockets
  • 3-San Antonio Spurs
  • 4-Minnesota Timberwolves
  • 5-Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 6-Denver Nuggets
  • 7-Portland Trail Blazers
  • 8-New Orleans Pelicans

NBA Betting Prediction for the Eastern Conference

No team appears to have benefitted more from the trade deadline than the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are now on a 4-game winning streak after making a ton of moves, but they may have dug themselves too big a hole in the first half, which is going to make it tough for them to get the #1 seed that they have been so used to in recent years.

The top spot appears as though it is going to come down to the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics. It is the Raptors who are on top right now, thanks in large part to a 6-game win streak that has come at the same time as the Celtics going through a bit of a slump.

I like Toronto to finish on top, and I also think that the Cavs might make a serious run at second, ultimately falling short in the end. Also, I don’t see there being many changes below the top 3, although I think that Washington will end up in 4th, ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks. I also like the Detroit Pistons to take the final spot ahead of the Miami Heat.

No matter how good the Cavaliers look right now, I still think they will fall short in the postseason, with Toronto going all the way to the NBA Finals.

NBA Betting Prediction for the Western Conference

Much like the East, the Western Conference is down to a 2-horse race for the #1 seed. The Golden State Warriors are on top right now, but they do not look like a team in total sync. A break this weekend might help them get back in a groove, but the Houston Rockets look like a team on a mission, which makes them the team to beat in the second half.

Once again, Steve Kerr and the Warriors are the NBA Betting favorites to win the Championship.

The Rockets are on a 9-game win streak right now, and I believe they will continue rolling all the way to the end of the season, beating out the Rockets for the top spot. The reality here is that the rest of the seedings don’t really matter, as I think the Rockets and Warriors are on a collision course in the playoffs. Can the Rockets end the stranglehold that the Warriors have had on the West over the past few season? I’m not so sure that they can, as the Warriors always seem to find a second gear in the postseason.

I’m going with the Warriors to win the West, after which they go on and beat the Wizards in 6 in the NBA Finals.

As far as the league MVP race, my money is on James Harden. The only time the Rockets looked vulnerable this season was when Harden was out with an injury. He makes this team tick, and even if the Rockets don’t win the West, he still gets the MVP.

Last 10 NBA Champs

  • 2017: Golden State Warriors
  • 2016: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2015: Golden State Warriors
  • 2014: San Antonio Spurs
  • 2013: Miami Heat
  • 2012: Miami Heat
  • 2011: Dallas Mavericks
  • 2010: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2009: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2008: Boston Celtics

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*creaking sound*

Nope this is not the sound of my coffin opening up after a week of  restful Goth UV light (Ultra Velvet), but the sound of my body lately!

I have not done a runner from my little WordPress platform, but I have been plagued with some nefarious health issues the past week – including “Back to Work-itus“, “Wake up at Unholy Hour-itus” and the exhausting “FuckThisShit-itus“. Thankfully, I am recovering slowly but surely with hefty doses of Judas Priest’s Painkiller.

…However, this treatment wouldn’t have been successful without a trip to the Spring 2018  Edition of London Edge , THE alternative lifestyle and fashion trade event of the year!

I attended my first show last year, and it was A BLAST !!! Whilst intended mostly for retailers, London Edge opens its door to online babblers like me who will squeal in delight every 2 steps of the way and remember every single product code for future purchases.

This year, I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging around with fellow blogger Heavy Metal Momma , with whom I had a righteous blast, all the way down to the afterparty (PS: I lost my voice the next day, thanks to screeching to Disturbed and System of A Down!)

I will be taking you through my favourite stalls of this edition in a second post coming this week, as I am still going through all photos.

Instead, here is an outfit post from the day!

I have really digged my purchases from The Gothic Shop , which include the headpiece and shawl/cape you will see below.

The dress is a dress from Boohoo – I really love high/low dresses and you can find them also on Amazon for cheap. I pimped this dress with a belt from Primark – honestly Primark can produce some amazing stuff in the winter season for us ladies of the Dark.

What I do is buy the stuff and store it for future use. I have loooooads of really badass belts from Primark. This was £3!


Queening it up with my Pendulous Thread Crown ! The choker is from my trusted WonderlandMC.


I am not farting on this picture but I was mid talking and this unfortunate upside down pout came out ! Nevermind, I hope you are looking at the jacket instead 😉

This jacket cost me £39 in Reserved. I LOVE it! Always helpful to get space in the underground. Ain’t nobody trying to squeeze me when I am wearing that teehee.



The focus of this picture is the ring : £0.99 in Primark again. I always check their bling because once in a while something badass shows up.IMG_7040 2

That cape/shawl is BOMBASTIC ! Oh yeah, and this is a sneak peak of the shenanigans from this weekend (mama wants that crown! more coming up on that!)

IMG_9337 2

Hope you stay tuned because I have a whole lotta gothilicious pictures to share – and I have remembered all the product codes if you fancy badgering your partner for new goodies 😉

Until Next Time!






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HR departments have a LOT to do. They do more than hire and fire employees; according to Advance Systems, Inc., a provider of workforce management solutions, “If your human resource department is overwhelmed or does not have the resources they need to perform their jobs, your entire company suffers. That’s why it’s important not only to staff your HR department correctly, but also give them the tools they need to be efficient and productive.”

And thus we turn our attention to human resources information systems (HRIS). (HRIS also goes by the name of core HR systems.) HRISs provide a single, centralized view of employee data, for the express purpose of making that data available to complete HR processes. In recent years, comprehensive HR solutions have spawned several iterations; there’s the aforementioned HRIS, as well as human capital management (HCM), and human resources management systems (HRMS).

The short and sweet distinctions between those three types of suites are:

  • HRIS is a database that keeps track of employee data for the purposes of streamlining payroll, bookkeeping, applicant tracking and performance review purposes. HRIS software can be customized according to business needs.
  • HCM adds onto HRIS functionality with talent management capabilities, including salary planning, analytics and impactful onboarding training. The emphasis is on “human capital” — these systems focus on making recruitment and retainment of employees more effective.
  • HRMS adds even more to the combined HRIS and HCM capabilities, by roping in time and labor management as well as providing the ability to customize more granularly to enterprise business needs. And usually, HRMSs facilitate employees managing their own potential at their company.  

In 2016, Bersin by Deloitte examined the disruptions in HR technology they predicted for 2017. A few of the disruptions highlighted in the linked article included: pulse surveys and company culture assessment tools are becoming more and more important, tools now exist to automate performance management, and talent recruitment solutions need a massive overhaul to keep up with the brave new world of hiring processes.

The first step to making sure those businesses can keep up with those predicted disruptions? By implementing an effective HRIS. This article outlines a few of the many ways businesses can benefit from deploying an HRIS.

Common features of HRISs

  • Recruiting/applicant tracking system
  • Benefits administration and management
  • Employee and staff training
  • Self-service employee portal
  • Generates HR reports for employee reviews

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One-stop shop

HRISs are a one-stop-shop of employee information. Because they bundle in different functionalities of human resource departments — payroll and benefits administration, for example — they simplify overall people management skills. Many HRIS users happily say that they have been able to transition into (almost) paperless environments.

An example HRIS where this is seen is BambooHR, which simplifies and automates operational HR tasks, freeing up HR professionals’ time to focus more on strategies and outcomes rather than tracking and monitoring applicants and employees. With BambooHR, HR professionals can keep up with competitive job markets and lower the learning curve of employee onboarding. HR managers can also better handle and approve time-off requests, accurately track employee information in the company database, and gain strategic HR insights and reduce decision-making bottlenecks.

Additionally, with BambooHR, companies can make performance management functionality more meaningful. BambooHR’s specific HRIS software centralizes and better wrangles employee data. The HRIS solution can be used in businesses of any size, but it most benefits small businesses because of its ability to centralize, store, and automate employee data.  

Kristen B., a user of BambooHR, explained that prior to implementing the solution, she and other managers struggled with keeping documentation in one place. She wrote in a BambooHR review: “Do your research with other HRIS vendors. Some of them offer an all-in-one solution that doesn’t necessarily mean an all-in-one solution. I was able to customize the entire set up [resulting in] efficiency.”

Product highlight: BambooHR

BambooHR What Is HRIS

Product Name: BambooHR
Category: HR Management Suites
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 206

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HRIS easily centralizes HR needs

We touched upon the capability of HRISs to centralize HR needs, but the topic is worth a deeper look. An ideal HRIS provides an intuitive way to customize workflows, manage electronic employee files and integrate with supporting HR tools. (Some users, however, were disappointed when they discovered they had to integrate with third-party modules, as that meant the solutions were robust standalone products.)

Namely is an all-in-one HR platform that helps mid-size businesses create a flexible, centralized employee database, maintain and update org charts, easily configure time off tracking and automate approvals for salary changes and promotions. Namely also provides a unique, social media-like interface for the platform’s employee profiles; ideally, this promotes better engagement amongst employees using the solution. The company also offers Managed Services, which helps smaller companies implement the tool.    

Neil S., a user of Namely, wrote in a Namely review that: “Namely offers a completely centralised HRIS platform, which is essential for multi-location businesses. We run operations in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, so we placed a lot of emphasis on making sure our HRIS could provide a consistent experience to all our employees. This goes a long way to making all employees feel part of the same company, irrespective of their location … As a centralised HR department, we needed a single pane of glass view across the business, and Namely provides that. We have access to comprehensive reporting [and] real-time information on key HR and business metrics.”

Product highlight: Namely

Namely What Is HRIS

Product Name: Namely
Category: Core HR
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 69

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These tools ramp up businesses’ efficiency and effectiveness

Many HRISs offer self-service functionality, which helps ease some of the burden of employee engagement off of HR professionals. One of the aspects that an HRIS works on is the simplification of managing employee performance and feedback. With an effective HRIS, businesses can monitor and analyze all human capital management elements.  

SuccessFactors helps business streamline HR processes, master talent recruitment and employee retention, train their existing workforce and integrate with other HR-relevant solutions. The platform is a comprehensive one, its suite made up of the following functionalities: core HR and payroll, time and attendance, recruiting and onboarding, learning and development, performance and compensation, and HR analytics and workforce planning. Those functionalities can be mixed and matched to fit the requirements of any business that implements the platform. SuccessFactors’s HRIS is called Employee Central, and it is focused on promoting visibility within an organization’s entire workforce, translating strategy into operational success and maximizing employee engagement.

Susan Z., a user of SuccessFactors, explained in a SuccessFactors review that: “In general, the user interface of SuccessFactors systems are very intuitive and user friendly. Especially [within] the performance management, succession planning, and talent calibration modules.”

Product highlight: SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors What Is HRIS

Product Name: SuccessFactors
Category: HR Management Suites
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 162

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HRIS benefits small businesses

There’s a reason why small and mid-size businesses turn to HRISs to optimize their human resources processes. Why turn to exorbitantly priced HR solutions that won’t necessarily integrate with or complement each other? By bundling in various HR functionalities, HR professionals and departments of smaller companies can provide the same level of benefits and compliance that employees of larger companies have.

Justworks streamlines the back office functionalities of small and mid-sized organizations. The platform bundles its benefits with PEO (Professional Employer Organizations) compliance standards. Justworks’ HRIS solution centralizes PTO management, employee onboarding, employee documentation and payroll automation. Businesses can also customize Justworks’ feature offerings to best support the size, industry and geographic location of their organization.

In a Justworks review, user Rachel G. said that with their company’s HRIS, “which integrates and streamlines most HR functions into one place, and ensures we stay compliant with all relevant federal & state employment laws, [we are] able to offer better benefits to our employees that would be otherwise unavailable to a small business.”

Product highlight: Justworks

Justworks What Is HRIS

Product Name: Justworks
Category: Core HR
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 45

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The tools work and scale with existing HR processes

The recognized benefits of HRIS solutions include: digital management of employee files, easing open enrollment, and a unified database that facilitates the jobs of HR professionals. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense of businesses to turn to HRIS solutions that don’t work with the existing HR processes already in place. It’s good, then, that HRIS tools are built to supplement and scale with them.  

UltiPro unifies HR, payroll, and talent management into an effective employee management platform. UltiPro even offers predictive analytics tools and pulse surveys so that businesses can go beyond the traditional HR route and build a “person-centered lifecycle” approach towards HR management. UltiPro takes on people management with its HRMS/HRIS system, building and storing comprehensive employee profiles for the benefit of the HR team’s reporting, planning, and scheduling functionalities.  

Colleen J. M., a user of UltiPro, explained in an UltiPro review: “Implementation is a BEAST for any HRIS platform but UltiPro lays out the roadmap for you. Make sure you dedicate enough time and resources to setting up your system so that when you go live you have a thoughtful system that solves your business needs.”

Product highlight: UltiPro

UltiPro What Is HRIS

Product Name: UltiPro
Category: Core HR
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 557

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The features and capacities mentioned above are just a few examples of what an HRIS can do for businesses. Different tools will exhibit additional or more customizable features. Users should weigh the pros and cons of what an all-in-one HRIS solution can do before deciding on one that advertises itself as such, rather than an HMS or HCM.

Beyond HRIS

An HRIS isn’t the only HR solution that can benefit your business. Check out five types of HR tools for growing companies here.

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The Champions League returns this week with the Round of 16, which includes some rather mouth-watering ties. Tuesday and Wednesday will see the first legs of 4 games, while the other 4 games will be set to go next week. We are in for a full month of exciting soccer betting action to determine which 8 teams will be moving on, and while a couple of the match-ups look straightforward in terms of handicapping and wagering, there are a few that are going to be tough.

One of the tougher match-ups sees defending Champions League winners Real Madrid go against the billionaires of Paris St. Germain. It’s the team with a rich European history going against the new money of European football, with PSG spending an absolute fortune, and also doing some rather creative accounting, to build a formidable squad. That money was spent with the sole purpose of winning the Champions League, and this will be the first real test for PSG in this competition. We may not find out whether it was money well spent in the first leg, but we will get a good idea over the course of the two games, so let’s check which team offers the best value at the latest UCL betting odds.

Real Madrid vs. PSG Expert Soccer Betting Preview & Pick

  • When: Wednesday, February 14 at 2:45 PM EST
  • Where: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
  • TV: FS1
  • Live Stream: Fox Sports Go
  • Soccer Betting Odds: Real Madrid +137 (Over/Under at 3.5 goals)

Key Factors

  • Clubs have met on six occasions: two wins apiece
  • Real Madrid unbeaten in 17 European home games
  • Cristiano Ronaldo group stage top scorer with nine goals
  • PSG scored record 25 goals in group stage
  • Dani Carvajal serves suspension in the first leg

Why bet on Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has been a shadow of their former self this season, sitting in 4th in La Liga and finishing second in the Group Stage of the Champions League behind Tottenham. It is beginning to look as though they will stay in the top 4 in the league, which would mean an automatic berth in this competition next season, but this is a team that is not accustomed to not winning any silverware. They have been losing games that they would never have lost in the last 5 seasons or more and have simply not looked very good at times.

That said, this is still a very dangerous squad, as witnessed by their 5-2 dismantling of Real Sociedad over the weekend. They also had 4-1 and 7-1 victories in their last 5 games, so perhaps they are beginning to round into some form. As far as this game goes, it must be noted that Madrid has gone unbeaten in their last 17 Champions League home games.

Team Statistics

  • Games Played: 6
  • Won: 4
  • Draw: 1
  • Lost: 1
  • Scored Goals: 17
  • Conceded Goals: 7

Possible Line-Up

  • 1-K. Navas
  • 12-Marcelo
  • 6-Nacho
  • 4-S. Ramos
  • 5-R. Varane
  • 10-L. Modrić
  • 8-T. Kroos
  • 14-Casemiro
  • 7-C. Ronaldo
  • 9-K. Benzema
  • 11-G. Bale

Why bet on PSG?

PSG have spent a lot of money to put together what is arguably the greatest attacking force in world football. They have Neymar, Mbappe, and Cavani all capable of sticking the ball in the net with stunning regularity, although you wonder how much attacking football PSG will put on display in the opening leg. This is a game where they are likely to sit back and soak up some pressure, looking too hot on the break when the opportunity presents itself.

PSG is more than capable to pull off the upset at the Soccer Betting Lines against Real Madrid.

They will be aware, though, that this Madrid side has looked a little wobbly on defense this season, so perhaps PSG will try to come out and get an early one before settling into a more defensive. They are certainly capable of grabbing a valuable away goal, as they scored 25 goals in just 6 games in the Group Stage.

Team Statistics

  • Games Played: 6
  • Won: 5
  • Draw: 0
  • Lost: 1
  • Scored Goals: 25
  • Conceded Goals: 4

Possible Line-Up

  • 16-A. Areola
  • 32-D. Alves
  • 2-T. Silva
  • 20-L. Kurzawa
  • 5-Marquinhos
  • 8-T. Motta
  • 6-M. Verratti
  • 25-A. Rabiot
  • 9-E. Cavani
  • 10-Neymar
  • 29-K. Mbappé

Expert Pick and Final Score Prediction

These two teams have met 6 times in the past, splitting it down the middle at 2-2-2. Madrid won 1-0 on aggregate when they met in the Champions League in 2015, but I believe we will see more goals over the two legs in this one.

Score: Real Madrid 1 – PSG 1

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